What is meningioma disease

By | December 20, 2011

Most people that cancer is an incurable disease, there is talk about the feeling of tumor discoloration. While for brain tumors is scared long. For meningiomas, however, it is the most common type of benign tumor of the brain, people do not have a sense of fear had meningiomas.
So what is meningioma disease? Brain and skull in a layer between the membrane structure, in medicine we call meninges. Meninges from outside to inside is divided into three parts: the dura, arachnoid and pia mater, arachnoid and meningioma cells from most, so called meningioma.
What is meningioma disease, the formation of meningiomas are many reasons. Generally believed that certain environmental and genetic factors within their own related. But the exact etiology has not been found. Meningiomas are benign, slow growth, and around the border, surgical removal is easy. The incidence of meningioma in the population rate of about 2 / 10 million, ranks second in the intracranial tumors, second only to the incidence of gliomas. The most common middle-aged patients, the peak in the 45-year-old women than in men, about 2: 1. Because meningiomas from arachnoid, so the place where there are likely to grow meninges meningioma. So probably around the arachnoid meningioma every corner. Can grow such a wide area of tumor, so he had our attention.What is meningioma disease? Although meningioma is a benign tumor, but not absolute, and a small number of malignant tumors can occur, especially multiple recurrent meningiomas or meningiomas grow faster, to be alert to the occurrence of malignant transformation. Also note that the brain is accompanied by transfer outside. Very small part of the meningeal sarcoma, a higher degree of malignancy, especially in children less than 10 years of age when this disease, but should be wary of. If found, should be treated early, defeats seek medical treatment.

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