How to prevent primary liver cancer

By | April 15, 2012

To prevent and treat hepatitis cirrhosis and primary liver cancer prevention and control of the effective means.Infants from hepatitis B vaccine to prevent hepatitis B begantoreduce the incidence of hepatitis; suffering from hepatitis, active treatment should betoprevent the transition to chronic hepatitis; as suffering from chronic hepatitis treatment should also be reasonabletoavoid the application of the drug liver damage.
Long-term heavy drinking can cause liver damage, leading to cirrhosis.If on this basis, then drinking,youcan promote the transformation of primary liver cancer to cirrhosis of the liver, thus preventing liver cancer should be drinking.
Attention to food hygiene, to prevent the cancer from the mouth.Carcinogenic effects of aflatoxin is known as a strong, eating moldy peanuts and grain foods do is very dangerous.
Better quality of primary liver cancer incidence rate is lower,topromote drinking tap water, no running water facilities, villages, well water for drinking should be promoted.Because of the extent to ditch water pollution the most serious, followed by river water, well water minimum.
Strengthening environmental health and hygiene, to reduce exposure to harmful substances, for the prevention of primary liver cancer is also very important.Note that to maintain good mental health state of mind, whatever the proper conduct of physical exercise, to improve immunity purposes.

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