What are the clinical manifestations of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

By | April 15, 2012

1. Tears of blood, tears or nasal blood is reduced back to the clinical manifestations of NPC one. The surface is ulcerated lesions or cauliflower-type person, the more common symptoms.
2. Stuffy nose after tumor obstruction when there are nasal congestion. Often unilateral or persistent.
3. Tinnitus and hearing loss, etc. If the tumor is located in the pharyngeal recess, eustachian tube extrusion mouth cancer, early often tinnitus, ears closed, hearing loss embolism misdiagnosed as otitis media or otitis media based services.
4. Eye symptoms when the NPC near the orbital tumor invasion, or affect the orbit of the brain when the patients who have diplopia, visual impairment or the protrusion of the eyeball.
5. Headaches headache causes and nasopharyngeal nearby blood vessels, nerves, or bone by tumor effects. For fixed, continuous, severe headaches should pay special attention may be due to damage caused by skull base.
6. Cranial nerve damage have 12 pairs of cranial nerves, which is most likely to be affected abducens nerve, the patient will have symptoms of double vision. In addition, the hypoglossal nerve, vagus nerve and nerve and also because of violations of the parapharyngeal space or the oppression caused by cervical lymph node dysfunction, manifested as disease side of the tongue muscle atrophy, when the tip of the tongue tend to sick Shenshe side, sound mute, swallowing due to difficulties, inability to shrug Side embolism disease.
7. Cervical lymph nodes of nasopharyngeal cancer is that the early transfer of the top group of deep cervical lymph nodes, the upper front part of it is the ipsilateral sternocleidomastoid muscle, large and small, can be linked to a number, hard, rough was nodules, and skin adhesion, but in advanced deep tissue adhesions often associated with difficult events. The development of cervical lymph nodes from top to bottom, until the supraclavicular area. About half of the NPC patients away to hospital for treatment for neck masses.
8. Nasopharyngeal symptoms of distant metastasis is the most common site of bone metastasis, lung, liver. Bone metastases in the pelvis, spine, limbs, the most common. Clinical observations, as the cervical lymph nodes and distant metastasis significantly increased chance of distant metastasis rate was 4.8% – 27%, the autopsy found that up to 76%. More performance for bone metastasis and other bone pain, difficulty breathing performance of lung metastases, hemoptysis, etc., liver metastasis to liver pain, yellow plague and so on.
The clinical manifestations of nasopharyngeal carcinoma 9. indirect nasopharyngeal mirror or fiber nasopharyngoscopy NPC occur in the nasopharynx into the top of the posterior wall of the pharyngeal recess. Early rough local education film, vasodilators, and tumor-like nodules and granulation. The progressive development of cauliflower tumor type, nodular, ulcerated or submucosal type.

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