X-ray findings of esophageal cancer

By | April 15, 2012

1.Membrane thickening wrinkles praise, fiber Qu, interruption or disappearance of the stalk membrane change, mainly due to tumor invasion of mucosa or submucosa caused by, for X-ray findings of esophageal cancer .
2.Luminal filling defect in the common luminal edge of the irregular and narrow, like food or rat-bite-like insects, mainly due to the tumor broke into the tube or due to violations of muscle.Luminal stenosis, depending on the tumor broke into the lumen or the extent of violations of muscle vary.
3.Luminal diastolic degrees lower, so that the wall stiffness disappeared mainly due to cancer invasion and membrane, submucosa, or muscular function resulting changes.Reduce the degree of luminal diastolic cancer is often still limited to the mucosa or submucosa of the performance.As for creeping disappearance of the lumen rigid, then the cancer has violated the muscular layer.
4.Soft tissue tumor mass by mainly foreign invasion to the esophageal wall, is in advanced cases of the common performance.
X-ray findings of esophageal cancer , 5.key agent and emptying through the main broke into the lumen due to cancer caused by the different degrees of stenosis wall stiffness and performance.

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