How to make the benign state of mind has been at the

By | March 28, 2012

How to make healthy state of mind has been at status 1. Chat law we have such experience, when a few friends together to talk about Bo Xing publication of a question, who will forget everything, but when asked to fly within the flies go to friends friends to chat from different places, customs, foreign affairs, anecdotes Plaza. brighter future, it will make you cheerful, very pleasant.
How to make the benign state of mind has been at 2. Interested in the same law and the truth, when you are particularly interested in their own Governor, you like aloof, so if you already have a hobby, after suffering so happy , can be used, such as playing chess, fishing and so on. What if your love with for the sake of the patients benefit, but also foster an interest in, such as painting, calligraphy, music, drama and so on. Two points to note in this regard, one suitable to the, otherwise, too much work Yongnaoguodu but harmful, and second, playing only a pleasant mood, million, not gambling.
How to make the benign state of mind has been at 3. Backoff method Living life, not without a little setback, do not worry about things encountered at this time, you have to reason with the will to force their retreat. With family members or others than the place of contradictions, causing arguments, you have to force your site right away sweat meat, naturally after a while, "calm" the.
How to make healthy state of mind has been at the state 4. Tolerance law some things, whether you are rational or irrational, as long as you meet a good tough little things can be handled immediately, obtained by the application of patient calm.
How to make the benign state of mind has been at 5. To create a method which includes two aspects: First, the family and interpersonal relationship have to create a friendly atmosphere, good at understanding, open-minded, respect, reasoning approach to family conflicts, so that the whole family in a kinds of intimate relationships, understanding of the atmosphere in your mind naturally leave. Love your words and deeds, you give the sick husband (wife) end a cup of tea, fried a dose, or rub shoulders, rubbing the back, patients will feel a great comfort, so that greater confidence in his victory over cancer the contrary, all your cold, you make each other feel more pain, or even loss of life to go on air. The second aspect of family environment is the physical environment, we must make the house clean, new people entered to feel relaxed and happy, or full of filthy, no example from the health point of view, or from the psychological point of view, are not conducive to health.
How to make the benign state of mind has been at 6. Vent method which is a method of last resort, when you're bored extreme, and no place to talk, the time being used, you can shout, cry, a lot of noises in order to vent their anger for a pass to make their own ease. Vent companies abroad, probably because Mo is also here. This method can be appropriate when it is also not completely lost from the injury should not hurt, can not destroy things.
Overall application of their own in a joyous state of mind is always being, this will be more conducive to the fight against cancer.

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