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By | March 28, 2012

The so-called general, psychological treatment is applicable to all types of cancer patients, which applies to individuals also applies to the most basic collective psychological treatment. Psychotherapy main role is to support and strengthen the patient's defenses, so that patients to reduce anxiety and worry, and enhance the sense of security and confidence. General treatment method most commonly used to explain, encourage, comfort, assurance and implied and so on. The most important one is the explanation.
Psychological treatment on cancer quality of life for 1. To explain the so-called explanation is that the patient made it clear reason, to help patients relieve concerns, build confidence, strengthen cooperation and to create favorable conditions to continue treatment. In general, patients who have questions about the place, we must patiently explain again; patients receiving a variety of medical measures, but also to explain, so that they best mental state for treatment. The interpretation of cancer patients, not patients with general diseases like Neiqiu laws of nature and a clean breast of the disease, but must be careful to explain why the Office of Law skills. For those who do not know if you have cancer and they can with the treatment of patients, can be implemented confidentiality, health care workers and their families, friends and relatives speak with one voice to explain, so that patients receive treatment peace of mind; for those who do not believe that the neglect of his illness is not cancer willing to accept patients, to illustrate the use of objective symptoms of cancer patients do, do not have their privacy, but they can not take the attitude of intimidation, and patiently explain the return of cancer and is not immediately lethal, by means of various treatments in order to remission, stable and curable. In addition, patients should seek to alleviate some of the symptoms so that patients understand the treatment, increase treatment confidence. For mood stability, and intellect but strong-willed patients should be honest with the patient's condition in order to mobilize their enthusiasm to cooperate with the treatment. Of these patients, concealed disease, it will arouse suspicion, to avoid talking directly with them since it will damage their last heart, this is detrimental for the treatment.
In short, the explanation must address the patient's condition and the psychological, pay attention to methods and techniques to benefit patients with the highest principles. In the hands of patients must pay attention to avoid arguments, do not force patients to accept the views of doctors called on, do not be too hasty. In this case, may be temporarily converted it! Have or do not draw conclusions, to find an appropriate time after the talk. If we can mobilize the family members of patients, friends and leaders, and even the patients have been cured to the common interpretation of the work, achieved better results.
Psychological treatment on cancer quality of life for 2. To encourage and comfort the psychological changes in patients with malignant tumors are often very strong, especially in the treatment of repentance after a period of little effect and the psychological condition occurs when the waves again, more intense. The main psychological characteristics of tension, fear, anxiety, irritability, solitary Chan, anger, fantasy, self-deprecating self, despair and even suicide attempts. The heart is certainly not conducive to treatment. This time to encourage and comfort to patients so that they pull themselves together, confidence, courage in the struggle to improve and disease is absolutely necessary. To encourage and comfort should be warm, neutral, and avoid simplistic and slogans, said plate.
Psychological treatment on cancer quality of life for 3. Ensure the results of examination and treatment of patients to ensure patients can be accepted in order to strengthen their confidence to overcome the disease, which is guaranteed method of psychotherapy. For the treatment outcome, according to a limited guarantee of the disease. Low cure rate of cancer is a disease, to cure only guarantee of success. But to introduce cured cases, introduction of Survival of the cases. If possible, patients may request to have cured their own experiences, with firm confidence in the treatment of patients. Advanced cancer patients and has certainly not cured patients, should be made to ensure the shortest survival time for patients and their families, the unit making arrangements early. Should also introduce a breakthrough survival period, and even cases of full recovery, so that patients do not despair.
Psychological treatment on cancer quality of life for 4. Suggesting that this was by some measures, to enable patients to their own experience of a process. It runs through the entire process of psychotherapy. Broadly speaking, patients with the surrounding environment, equipment, medical personnel, friends and relatives, patient's language, movement, performance, posture, eyes, etc., are hints to the patient. Patients themselves can also be self-implied. Suggesting positive and negative, positive and negative of the points. Psychotherapy is needed is positive and healthy hints. Hospital beautiful, comfortable environment, convenient health care system, advanced equipment, good service, will play a role in suggesting treatment in patients with peace of mind. Warm and sincere attitude staff, calm, methodical movements, the patients are positive, a good suggestion. Mental disorders in patients after discharge, the patient can maintain a healthy mental state, can be implemented on their own best self-suggestion. For some patients, according to the treatment needs and characteristics of patients, under hypnosis can be implied.
Psychological treatment on cancer quality of life for 5. Music therapy as a natural, non-invasive therapy, music therapy in cancer clinical, so that patients can be receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, while damage to listen to the beautiful, bright, cheerful music sound, no doubt the physical and mental patient has a certain appeal, optimal mental state to play to inspire emotional effect, enhancing immune function, promote metabolism.
Chinese traditional music into house, business, angle, micro, modal music feather five kinds of ethnic, its features and internal organs (licensing, lung, liver, heart, kidney ninety-five Chi (loyalty, fear, anger, joy, fear) the relationship between is the application of yin and yang theory, combining organic, it can directly or indirectly affect people's mood and organs function, based on our clinical symptoms and psychological status of patients to selected tracks, the "dialectical Xerox."

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