Endoscopic diagnosis of tumors

By | March 28, 2012

Endoscopy is a commonly used medical devices, in diagnosis of cancer plays a very important position. The flexible part of the light source, a group shot, with or without television information system composed of centers and TV monitor.Endoscopic diagnosis of cancer when used to guide people to pre-endoscopic examination of the organs, parts can be directly related to changes in spy. It has gone through rigid endoscopy, endoscopic optical fibers, electronic optical fiber endoscope three stages.
Are commonly used in endoscopic bronchoscopy, endoscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, fiber nasopharyngeal mirror laryngoscopy, mediastinoscopy and so on. Endoscopy in cancer diagnosis of:
Endoscopic diagnosis of cancer 1. Endoscopic examination can not only look into many parts of the body cavity and pore cancer, but also biopsy for histopathological diagnosis.
Endoscopic diagnosis of tumors 2. Endoscopy and ultrasound, microwave, laser and other high-tech combination to further improve the endoscopic diagnosis of the tumor.
combination of endoscopic and ultrasound imaging. Installed on the ultrasound probe in the endoscopic, ultrasound imaging in the organ cavity, the visceral tissue of external ultrasound to avoid overlapping, to cover the image caused by the unclear and so on. For example, distinguishing cancer ultrasound gastroscopy depth of invasion, and the identification of early gastric cancer and gastric cancer and surrounding organs to determine the relationship, for the diagnosis of more direct, accurate and clear image screen, can play videos again.
endoscopic technologies with the television camera. Electronic endoscope is a tiny electronic security lens camera, through the transmission and optical signal conversion, the TV screen to display the true image. It is not with the optical fiber and the eyepiece, but after the cable television camera and screen imaging observation. A person overcome the endoscopy to observe the one-sidedness in the eyepiece and limitations.
sensitive technology. Also known as photodynamic photochemical technology or technology, is the use of blood, Ye Lin substances with tumor affinity and light sensitivity, in a certain wavelength of laser irradiation will be issued to the principle of fluorescence diagnosis of tumors. This technique of superficial esophageal, stomach tumor diagnosis of hollow organs such as valuable.

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