How early detection of lung cancer

By | December 24, 2011

How early detection of lung cancer; generally done their own and not rely entirely on the doctor. You talk about solutions because only their physical condition, it also should learn to check themselves, care about their regular health examination, in daily life left traces of some diseases, where uncomfortable, in a timely manner to the hospital.
How early detection of lung cancer, medical early lung cancer , generally speaking tumor limitations? unilateral lung without pulmonary invasion, tumor 2 cm or more from the bronchus, bronchial tumor diameter less than 1-3 cm outside the lung and lymph node metastasis distant organs and tissues of the transfer of clinical medicine for the II Phase II of TNM tumor prevention. Patients have mild symptoms or no symptoms, the physical examination findings. But to achieve early diagnosis of lung cancer, the need for suspicious objects and their patients, followed up to observe the clinical manifestations and the main laboratory tests and imaging.
In many countries, cancer cure rate is very low, and how early detection of lung cancer, but if it can be found at an early stage, the overall cure rate can be up to 70%. Shows the key to early detection of treatment.
1, physical examination
Repeated coughing and permanently, by tumor markers check
2, on the investigation of tumor markers
How early detection of lung cancer, according to the patient's condition, regularly check tumor markers, carcinoembryonic antigen culture (CEA),), squamous cell carcinoma antigen (SCC), neuron, specificity Wei alcohol enzyme (NES) and so on. To improve the success rate of early diagnosis.
3, Imageology check
Suspicious object on a regular basis for remote viewing chest X ray examination, suspects can be taking a step forward for C D, MRI examination. PET examination there may be suspicious lesions and early metastasis.
4, fiberoptic bronchoscopy
Bronchoscopy for the diagnosis of central lung cancer is important, in the chest, CT and so there should be suspected in patients of lung bronchoscopy.
5, and pathology
Histological examination is the main basis for diagnosis. To find cancer cells in sputum-positive rate is not too high, several consecutive negative results can not easily deny the diagnosis of lung cancer by bronchoscopy and lung biopsy tissue or brush smear piece is the most commonly used method for peripheral lung cancer In the CT or B ultrasound-guided needle biopsy for lung, breast or exploratory surgery drawn biopsy. VATS can also be used individually, looking for cancer and other tests to help confirm the diagnosis. Of the lymph nodes of patients, removal of suspicious transfer operation leaching Pat junction pathology.

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