Integrative Medicine is the advantage of treatment of lung cancer

By | December 24, 2011

Chinese observations on the human body and the overall emphasis on macro, micro and Western medicine tends to prefer the local, the two are very different. Therefore, Integrative Medicine can complement each other with lung cancer, the combination of the way to play in the treatment of their own strengths, compensate for each other's weaknesses. Chinese medicine treatment is comprehensive cancer therapy are important components of Chinese medicine treatment and combination therapy is our feature in the anti-tumor therapy has been playing a unique advantage.
1. Western medicine treatment of cancer
Advantage is a strong role in the killing of tumor, can quickly shrink the tumor or by surgical removal of the tumor to control progression of the disease and ease symptoms. Inadequacies expressed in the human body organ damage, and decreased immune function, and thus unable to control tumor recurrence and metastasis. In killing tumor cells while, they damage the body itself has anti-tumor function of tumor recurrence and metastasis for the future leaving a potential danger.
2. TCM treatment of cancer
Advantage of the human body organ has a great resilience to adjust, enhance immune function, so that the body has not been killing all kinds of western medicine cancer cells by the body's own immune system to clear, so as to achieve the purpose of curing cancer. Is also reflected in the strengths of Chinese medicine can enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy drugs to reduce the toxic side effects. Inadequate local tumor treatment is not strong, can not effectively control or shrink the tumor.
Thus, Western medicine is less than the strengths of Chinese medicine, Western medicine's shortcomings is precisely the advantage. Cancer Integrative Medicine superiority is certain, at present, the Chinese National People's Congress of Integrative Medicine are applied treatment of lung cancer.

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