Music’s role in cancer treatment

By | December 24, 2011

Music's role in cancer therapy: Music therapy can enhance the quality of life and promote physical and mental health, rehabilitation medicine plays an increasingly important role. Especially the music used in those patients with more love or good, because they are sensitive to music, easy to produce resonance. Music is a physical energy: Music is a sound, the sound is a sound wave vibration is a physical energy, a certain sound vibrations, the role of simultaneous occurrence of various systems in the body of a harmonious resonance, similar cells to produce a massage effect to produce excitation and inhibition, to achieve blood pressure, pain relief purposes. Music's role in cancer treatment from the methods into four categories. The first three are used for neurological and psychiatric disorders.
(A) sense of style
Also known as passive therapy. The main features of the static treatment of patients when appropriate music playing.
(B) participatory
Also known as the active therapy. Characterized by action-based, that enable patients to directly participate in singing, playing and improvising music arranger, and other activities for therapeutic purposes.
(C) combined type
Also known as combination therapy. Characterized by both dynamic and static mode combination. Based on patient's condition and medical conditions vary focus, better effect.
(D) Music radiotherapy
Is the music and electrotherapy or acupuncture combined with Chinese medicine, a new therapy. Music Frequency Instrument will be synchronized with the music information "music current" through the electrode (or EA) guide people to the body surface of the skin (or points), which is a music, psychology, low-frequency current and the role of the meridian points and other methods into one The integrated approach therapy.
1.'s Current characteristics such as that by Shi-classification by electric therapy, music, current is a low, intermediate frequency mixing of current. General pulse current, because of its cycle is repeated, the frequency fixed, the regular wave, which is easy for the body to adapt to, and thus gradually weakened the body and its reaction. Music current waveform, amplitude and frequency of regular element, changing, and thus accepted its role as the body, each stimulus are the new stimulus, there is not easy adaptability, which is an important feature of current music. Zhu Zongfu Summary to 1992, the current literature that the music is the music signal through the transducer, amplified production and music synchronization, waveform, frequency and amplitude changes with the music aspects of the changing mix of low frequency current, the frequency of the fundamental in the 27 _4000Hz Therefore, all with low frequency current physiological and therapeutic effects. Such as pain, promote blood circulation, exercise, bone times the muscle, the role of regulating neuroendocrine function, but also has the same characteristics and random current, fully meet the physiological requirements of the body not easily adaptable. Therefore, currently the broader music electrotherapy.
2. Music, the comprehensive treatment of current music
(1) Obviously, a rapid and sustained analgesic effect.
(2) to improve cerebral microcirculation.
(3) adjusting the excitability of the central nervous system.
(4) to adjust blood pressure.
(5) the role of anti-inflammatory swelling.
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