What is the treatment of advanced lung cancer

By | December 25, 2011

Lung cancer patients with advanced symptoms due to different and have some physical differences, advanced lung cancer when the disease more serious, the need for timely symptomatic treatment, the following is the treatment of several advanced lung cancer.

The treatment of advanced lung cancer 1. Extensive small cell lung cancer
Extensive small cell lung cancer is the only option, but obviously not as good as with limited efficacy, only a very small number of patients can be cured by chemotherapy. Physical status according to the situation, physical state of the patient first of all for a good combination chemotherapy, chemotherapy can be attenuated with integrated TCM therapy efficiency. If complete remission, the prophylactic cranial irradiation. Such as partial remission, so that lesions limited to, radiotherapy can also be to improve the local control rate. Patients with poor performance status should be actively integrated with traditional Chinese medicine treatment and supportive care, to create all of the radiation conditions. If the first-line chemotherapy failed, as long as conditions permit, should be second-line rescue.
The treatment of advanced lung cancer 2. Advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Advanced non-small cell lung cancer surgery biggest feature is the loss of opportunities, including the IDB on, IV period, and some can not tolerate surgery IDA period. As can not be cured, but all of the treatment is a palliative measure. According to clinical guidelines for lung cancer, with good performance status with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, the type of uranium-based chemotherapy than individual supportive therapy, the survival time during the extended benefits, and can control symptoms, maintain and enhance quality of life. Patients should be on a good time to start chemotherapy, treatment is generally not more than 4-6 cycles. Delayed chemotherapy is not appropriate, the deterioration in the patient began chemotherapy or weight loss will only have a negative impact on survival of patients.
For the first-line chemotherapy failed refractory non-small cell lung cancer, second-line chemotherapy drug docetaxel choice, ALIMTA is also a good choice, or a biological targeted therapy such as Iressa, erlotinib and so on. For local lesions, radiotherapy for local control can help, it is possible to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life may also be helpful for survival.
For patients with poor performance status, can only choose integrated TCM therapy plus supportive care, or biological targeted therapy. Because advanced lung cancer can not be cured, and all are palliative treatment, most patients survive for no more than 5 years, doctors are obliged to protect the interests of patients, patients with independent legal and moral right to participate in decision-making. Approach to treatment preferences vary widely, some people refuse to treat a large side, while others are willing to accept side effects for survival. Therefore, the doctor can work out several sets of programs for patients, explain the advantages and disadvantages to the patient, by the patient to choose the last treatment. Based on China's national conditions, would be a lot of pure traditional Chinese medicine in patients with conservative treatment options and combination therapy.

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