How do esophageal endoscopy

By | December 22, 2011

Some elderly people had the experience of early endoscopy is indeed scary, but with the endoscopic technique progress, this problem has been addressed, in particular the emergence of electronic endoscopy, with its high-definition, high resolution and good operation sex, diagnosis of tumors provide direct, fast, accurate and efficient technical support necessary to become the preferred diagnostic examination of esophageal cancer.How do esophageal endoscopy? Must be noted that unlike the early years of electronic endoscopy has been among the "old endoscopy" as painful, but after all, an invasive examination, there will be some discomfort. Many patients have fear of gastroscopy in the early symptoms occur when a doctor suggested a gastroscope, refused or delayed because of fear of inspection, so the delayed diagnosis.
Esophageal endoscopy how to do, what are the indications of endoscopy:
those who have progressive symptoms and swallowing difficult and the performance of early esophageal cancer patients; Organization by X ray examination revealed abnormal meal examination is required to further clarify the nature of those lesions; exfoliated cells of the esophagus pull net positive, and the need to clear the site of lesion range are; esophageal cancer radiation therapy and chemotherapy effects were observed and followed up, treatment after recurrence of symptoms for patients to be excluded; follow-up observation of esophageal precancerous lesions (such as severe esophagitis, achalasia responsible for the door , esophageal hiatus pain, esophageal Italian room, polyps, papilloma, Barrett esophagus, etc.); high-risk areas of esophageal cancer screening to detect early esophageal cancer.
To ensure the quality of endoscopy, the patient should be prepared well in advance before the inspection.
1 day before the test eat less fiber, low fat and easily digestible food; check to fast for 12 hours before, water deprivation; eating patients when significant obstruction, requiring three days of fasting, intravenous fluids, or washing before surgery esophageal emptying of food to be left only after inspection. Esophagus of patients did receive meals, waiting for Dayton agent after emptying (usually requires 3 days later) and then check. Preoperative routine application of 1% tetracaine pharyngeal anesthesia, before the inspection and doctors share their symptoms, doctors focus of observation to remind the esophagus, to relax when on the examination bed belt, unlock collar button, remove the denture, left lateral position, bite good mouth pad, relax, take the initiative to meet the doctors.
How do esophageal endoscopy, gastroscopy performance of early esophageal cancer in the so-called early esophageal cancer is cancer confined to the mucosa and submucosa, the depth of invasion did not reach the muscle, regardless of tumor size. The performance of gastroscopy can be classified into 4 types: congestive type: flat mucosal lesion, showing small pieces of irregular mucosa congestion, flushing color, and normal mucosa boundaries clear, crisp texture, touch and easy bleeding and difficult found; erosive: the mucosa in mild congestive depression, were different sizes, edge irregular point sheet shallow ulcer or erosion, the surface adhesion of white fur, food wall systolic and diastolic function well, this type of the most common in early esophageal cancer, accounting for about 45%; plaque: mild white mucosal surface, slightly elevated, rough, leather chair was like, touch the easy bleeding; papillary: papillary-like lesions were or small nodular uplift, less than 1 cm in diameter, the base width, surface congestion, or William Black.
Gastroscopy in the performance of advanced esophageal cancer: endoscopic examination in the diagnosis of advanced esophageal cancer rate of 100%, with a prominent mass endoscopic, deep ulcer and esophageal stenosis, easily identifiable diagnosis. Even the electronic gastroscope examination also found that only 50% -60% of patients with early, in order to improve the detection rate of early esophageal cancer, endoscopic staining can be combined screening method.

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