How to eat esophageal cancer patients after radiotherapy

By | December 22, 2011

Esophageal cancer patients in long-term consumption of the poor, loss of appetite leading to nutritional intake, physical deterioration, so the esophageal cancer patients after radiotherapy treatment diet becomes more important. Reasonable diet is a natural way to get enough nutrients, and good nutrition can enhance the patient's constitution.
1. Diet to balance the
Esophageal cancer after radiotherapy diet to maintain normal levels of nutrition, the best way is to maintain a balanced diet. Require patients to eat high-calorie, high-quality protein, vitamin-rich food such as fish, milk, mushrooms, etc., should eat more fresh vegetables, the leafy green vegetables as well.
2. High nutrition diet
Esophageal cancer after radiotherapy diet, high nutrition diet is high protein, high calorie, high vitamin, high-salt diet. High-protein diet supplemented mainly to patients all the necessary amino acids. The balance of amino acids can inhibit tumor development, it should eat more protein-rich food, especially high-quality protein. Proteins into plant protein and animal protein, plant protein to soy-based foods, animal protein to eggs and dairy-based, such as tofu, bean sprouts, eggs, milk and so on.
3. Esophageal mucosal protection
Avoid eating high-salt, strong, hot, hot and sour foods to avoid binge drinking, overeating, if necessary, Eat small meals, to regularly quantitative, eating digestible diet.
4. Food should be fresh
Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not eat fat food system, do not eat smoked, fried fish and meat, do not smoke, do not eat pungent food.
5. Digestible food consumption
Such as plum juice, fresh love juice, hawthorn juice, fruit juice, soup noodles, fresh millet gruel and other help digestion.
6 selected diet based on symptoms
Esophageal cancer after radiotherapy eating, nausea, loss of appetite, tired of greasy and so on, down greasy appetizers are Suitable for light food, such as almond milk, lotus root starch, corn meal mush, gold chairs cake, hawthorn and other easy to digest food cake, not eat heavy fat tired of the food; multiple injuries after radiotherapy of esophageal cancer and blood Erzhi malaise, rigor, loss of appetite, spontaneous perspiration, Qi and blood should be based, where edible fish soup, black chicken soup, ginseng tea, longan, white fungus, turtle.
7. Note righting
Patients with poor health after radiotherapy should be righting the main, in addition to increasing the nutrient, often soaked in water to drink ginseng or white ginseng to enhance the function of its organs.
8. Esophageal cancer after radiotherapy has anti-cancer diet should eat the food ingredients
Vitamin A, C, B, folic acid and other people have a supporting anti-tumor effect.
vitamin A mainly in liver and fat of animals, Hu Luoka hormone into the human body can be converted into vitamin A.
vitamin B present in the cereal germ.
Vitamin C found mainly in fresh vegetables, fruits, such as Luoka, bamboo shoots, asparagus, said the kiwi and so on.
trace elements, smashing, iron, copper, iron and other minerals have a role in cancer. Esophageal cancer patients should eat foods containing anti-cancer effects of trace elements, such as garlic, mushrooms, corn, seaweed, kelp, seaweed, clams, fish, egg yolk, beans, whole wheat flour, nuts, pumpkin, cabbage, turnip and animals, liver, kidney, and ginseng, configuration worship, yams, fungus and so on.

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