Nervous system tumors

By | December 21, 2011

Cancer patients on the nervous system which aspects should be observed: changes in nervous system diseases and conditions characterized by volatile, volatile, mutations. Therefore a higher care requirements, but must be careful to observe closely in order to accurate and timely understanding of the disease, save the patient.
The main aspects of observation are:
Nervous system tumors (1) changes in conscious state of mind is to determine the severity and extent indications of increased intracranial pressure, one of the common consciousness, which has several obstacles to it?
sleepiness: indifferent to external stimuli, pale sleep, give a clear light immediately after stimulation, you can answer the questions correctly. Hazy: consciousness late ravioli, and call to agree, but can not answer the questions correctly, there is reaction to pain stimulation.
Light coma: the basic loss of consciousness, and call not, a response to pain stimulation, decreased or loss of light reflection.
moderate coma: loss of consciousness, sometimes agitation, reaction to pain later ravioli, corneal, swallowing reflex exists, light reflex, some deep reflection loss, urinary incontinence.
Deep coma: no response to outside stimuli, corneal, swallowing reflex, reflecting the depth of sleep apertures response and complete loss.
Observation methods:
Call the patient's name and asking about her condition.
patients with a needle or pinching the skin (such as the lateral border of pectoralis major muscle, ear lobe, etc.).
observation of patients without swallowing.
Nervous system tumors (2), headache, vomiting and headache are common symptoms at the beginning can be intermittent, if the chief complaint of headache, in addition, the discovery of persistent pain, pain medicine service is invalid, accompanied by vomiting or changes in consciousness, intracranial pressure should be considered higher degree of increase. Intracranial pressure in the low state also has severe headache, but the multiple change of consciousness. To observe the degree of vomiting and frequency, such as injection or frequent vomiting, often dramatically increase the performance of intracranial pressure.
Nervous system tumors (3) changes in vital signs, including temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure and other indexes. Is judged according to one of the important changes in the disease.
time (1-2 hours> measure pulse, respiration, blood pressure once a serious condition measured once every 15-30 minutes, detailed records.
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