Oral cancer is how it happened

By | December 21, 2011

Although not sure why people get oral cancer, but after years of medical research found that the following factors and the incidence of oral cancer have a close relationship.
Oral cancer is how it happened (1) of long term intensity ultraviolet radiation is caused by excessive ultraviolet light lip cancer and maxillofacial major reason for skin cancer. As we all know, the summer sun by the site frequently, such as facial and forearm skin will therefore deepen the color, this is a great acceptance for the sake of UV radiation. Navigation through the investigation that the crew of farmers and a higher incidence of lip cancer, this and that they work outdoors year round, prolonged exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation of the sun under a close relationship. In addition, a causal relationship can help explain this phenomenon is more than lip cancer occurred in the lower lip vermilion border (the red part of the exposed lower lip), and less in the upper lip, which is Why? The location of the lower lip upward The most directly affected by the sun, the location of the upper lip down, of course, suffered much less of the sunlight. Scientific experiments confirmed that ultraviolet radiation can make normal cells become cancerous evil. Australia's geographical location between residents sunlight received more people than any other country, so Australians than other countries are more likely to get skin cancer and malignant melanoma. Therefore, to prevent ultraviolet damage, most of the time the sun at noon to minimize the stay in the outdoors, such as a longer time to be outdoors for work or sunbathing under the sun, the surface of the skin and apply sunscreen lip ointment can effectively reduce skin cancer and malignant melanoma, or lip cancer.
Oral cancer is how it happened (2) smoking and wine-smoking harmful to the human body, many years of medical research found that tobacco is a major cause of human cancer induced by smoking is a major cause of oral cancer is one. Tobacco contains a large number of carcinogenic substances, these substances stimulate oral tissue and over again can induce oral cancer. Small amount of alcohol is not only harmful to the body element, and sometimes some of the benefits to the body, such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease patients a small amount of alcohol daily can promote blood circulation, reduce thrombosis, cerebral vascular accident, and serve to prevent the role of myocardial infarction. But even if the regular wine drinking large amounts of beneficial and harmful to the element. If a person in addition to smoking, but also drinking large amounts every day, he will suffer the risk of oral cancer is smoking, alcohol does not pay people 3_5 times. Therefore, smoking cessation and avoidance of alcohol can reduce the risk reward the risk of oral cancer.
Oral cancer is how it happened (3) organization of the oral cavity damage by friction and damage for a long time one of the factors are also carcinogenic. Cancer, buccal cancer, and can thus occur with cancer. People often the residue of their bad teeth and mouth inappropriate dentures that can make do eat, and no pain, do not neglect long-term treatment, in fact, bad teeth and residual inappropriate dentures will Rub the side edge of the tongue, in the Those are often the site of damaged friction students have cancer. Clinically see a lot of tongue cancer patients are thus derived. In this regard, middle-aged friends who should be taken seriously enough, or repair a bad time pulling teeth, dentures inappropriate. Do not lose the greater, resulting in regret.
(4) nutritional deficiencies of the human body as we keep a potted plant, must have sufficient nutrients for proper growth and flowering. A variety of nutrients available to the growth and development of our daily activities, materials and complete power. Such as vitamin A, E, C and human skin and mucous membranes are the integrity and maintain the normal structure of skin and mucous membranes are closely related. Human long-term lack of certain nutrients such as vitamins A, E, C, protein and cholesterol may also occur oral cancer. Scientific experiments found that the animals long to eat the food without vitamins, which was significantly more than the number of tumors of animals fed normal food.
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