Symptoms of early esophageal cancer

By | December 22, 2011

Symptoms of early esophageal cancer are the following situations:
Symptoms of early esophageal cancer 1. Swallow food choking feeling
About half of patients with such symptoms early, there is not the cause of the symptoms of esophageal swelling and mechanical obstruction, but by the cancerous parts of the inflammatory edema, when the ingested food to stimulate production of esophageal lesions of patients recover from illness twin port tend to choke when eating feeling, often described as "compressed air" or "choke gas often associated with mood fluctuations of patients' and therefore, many patients to the occurrence of such symptoms and" angry "together. this hard choke the swallowing big mouth often feel more dry food such as pancakes, steamed and dried sweet potato, meat and other food or caused when big mouth, go away without treatment may, from time to time and again, gradually increase the frequency of attacks, an increasing degree.
Symptoms of early esophageal cancer 2. Retrosternal pain
More than half of the patients, there may be chest pain or discomfort or Xiphoid Fullness and upper abdominal pain, symptoms and esophageal erosions, ulcers related to the nature and extent of pain and the scope and extent of mucosal lesions consistent? Lesions in the upper segment , pain in the chest, lesions in the next paragraph, the pain may be under or on the xiphoid aid department. More when the next food exporting countries like burning, needle-like and pull friction like pain, eating coarse food, hot or spicy food (hot pepper, vinegar, garlic, etc.) was initially mild symptoms mouth, attack time is short, if case of improper diet or emotional symptoms can appear repeatedly.
Early esophageal cancer symptoms 3. esophageal foreign body sensation
About 1 / 5 of patients in the sense of the esophagus when swallowing a foreign body sensation, patients often self-interpreted as a result of a particular food scrapes the esophagus into the rough, or suspect some kind of foreign bodies in the esophagus, there is a similar leaf vegetables, rice or pepper fierce shell-like things attached to the esophageal wall, spit, swallow feeling. This early manifestation of esophageal cancer and esophageal cancer walls stimulate deep nerves related.
Symptoms of early esophageal cancer 4. Food through the sense of slow and stagnant
Some patients felt the process of swallowing the bolus down slowly, sometimes seems to stop at a location in the esophagus, and some liken the esophagus in patients like ladder-like, the food was "frustrated," downlink, to swallow food and water have the same the feeling of eating there, disappeared after eating, gradually increased. Occurs when the barrier is not the role of the tumor itself, but the esophageal wall lesion caused by diastolic dysfunction.
Symptoms of early esophageal cancer 5. Throat feeling dry and tight
About 1 / 3 of the throat or neck complaints in patients with dry hair tight, swallowing negative, sometimes accompanied by minor throat pain, may be due with the Japanese Ministry of esophageal lesions caused by inflammation and reduce the secretion of glands and Food contraction.

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