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By | December 22, 2011

Radiation is radiation therapy, refers to radiation to eliminate foci. Radiotherapy as an important means of treatment of malignant tumors, for many cancers can produce better results. But will produce radioactive radiation dermatitis, radiation esophagitis, and loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, and many other side effects, with the use of Chinese medicine and chemotherapy treatment, not only can effectively eliminate these side effects, but also increase the radiosensitivity of cancer cells to help radiation kill cancer cells completely.
Notes of a radiotherapy of esophageal cancer, which needs to be done before radiotherapy preparation
When he learned that his own illness as esophageal cancer, the inevitable psychological stress, anxiety, body would be more worried about radiation injury, the same worries and side effects of chemotherapy. Therefore, any time before radiotherapy, doctors should first talk with radiotherapy, consult the knowledge about radiation therapy to relieve the burden of thinking and establish the confidence to fight cancer, to ensure close coordination with the doctor, the successful completion of radiotherapy.
If there is malnutrition, anemia or other complications, the doctor should be promptly treated to avoid the effects of radiotherapy. Such as hypoxic cell anemia patients has increased, the radiation is not sensitive, so must be correct anemia before radiotherapy. If there are signs before perforation, such as the thoracodorsal pain, leukocytosis blood tests, create video on dam meal spikes, Xin Ying, etc., it would take about a week after the anti-infection treatment for radiation therapy, on the one hand can improve efficacy, on the one hand to avoid perforation.
Esophageal cancer radiotherapy Note II radiotherapy should pay attention to what
Drink plenty of water to drink can significantly reduce the radiation reaction. Weekly review of blood observed mortar cell, platelet and red blood cell changes, especially in patients who had chemotherapy, decreased white blood cells susceptible to infection. In the outpatient radiotherapy patients, each laboratory must let the doctors look after your lab test in order to detect problems, timely treatment.
Periodic review of ordinary external irradiation 20 times, generally to review the X-Dayton meal examination, observation and treatment results, and prepare for future radiotherapy. If improvement is not apparent, to surgery should seek surgery, or even increase the amount would not be significantly improved.
Less to public places immunocompromised patients during radiotherapy, with white blood cells may decrease, complicated by infection. Tag line to protect doctors when the patient radiotherapy skin colored lines are drawn in order to accurately locate the tumor and prepared. Radiotherapy in esophageal ulcers and esophageal perforation problems most advanced radiotherapy, tumor necrosis surface rupture, the formation of different shades of ulcers. In the course of radiotherapy, cancer of the esophagus caused by defects in part, by the normal tissue repair time, it does not occur under normal circumstances perforation. But the death of cancer radiotherapy off too fast or normal tissue repair in time, the tumor area occur at any time to deepen and perforated ulcers. Such patients often accompanied by chest back pain, fever, elevated WBC, processing time can not place a variety of thin. Want to alert the patient in radiotherapy, such as the above symptoms contact your doctor promptly.
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