Gastric ulcers can cause you

By | December 14, 2011

Prolonged healing of chronic gastric ulcer whether cancer are still controversial, but animal studies show that ulcer epithelium around the inflammatory stimulus and repeated the repair process, the regeneration epithelium susceptible to the action of carcinogenic factors in cancer. Studies have shown that the incidence of cancerous ulcer site was the best hair in the stomach ulcer as the center angle of the lesser curvature side of the most common, the incidence peak in the 40-50 years old, according to statistics gastric cancer was about 5%. So, cancer is part of the complication of ulcer disease, gastric ulcer patients with malignant ulcers to be vigilant.Gastric ulcers are caused mainly in the following areas:
(1) the nature and patterns of change in pain
Pain is the most common ulcer disease, the most important symptoms, pain and more pain for the limitations of the upper abdomen, burning kind of pain or dull pain. The typical ulcer pain and a certain regularity, often closely related to diet, for example, more than for the duodenal ulcer pain before meals (ie empty abdominal pain); typical ulcer pain as after a meal, often after a meal 1-2 hours of continuous occurrence of one or two hours, then gradually reduced. Nevertheless, it is not obvious regularity ulcer pain patients, the nature of pain also varies. In addition, ulcer pain, often due to cold weather, cold and hard to eat food, fatigue, stay up all night, mood swings and worse. Gastric ulcer is causing cancer ? If the pain the loss of their regular, non-regular, or a persistent dull ache or pain compared with the original nature of change obviously, should be wary of malignancy, go to the hospital for further examination.
(2) reduces healing ulcer disease
Although easy to recurrent ulcer disease, but each time after the onset of symptoms of taking anti-ulcer drug can relieve. If you have a history of ulcers by conventional therapy, pain relief or effect is not obvious, the tips of the malignant transformation may occur.
(3) progressive weight loss and anemia
Chronic ulcers may be frail patients, but not necessarily weight loss. Unless long-term or heavy bleeding ulcer, the patient usually does not have obvious signs of anemia. Age of gastric ulcer in patients over the age of four or five if the short-term loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, or dark red spit Sushi food, but also general fatigue and progressive weight loss may also signal one of the malignant ulcer disease .
(4) to compare the fixed mass formation of normal gastric or duodenal ulcer is not mass. In the event of malignant ulcers will become larger, hardened in the late period can be in the left upper quadrant palpable mass. Mass hard, mostly nodular surface, not smooth, and gradually increasing the pressure of pain. Pain may radiate to the back, left waist, navel, chest, precordial, or chest. This occurs when the mass is likely to have cancerous ulcer.
Gastric ulcer is causing? Prevention of malignant ulcer disease should pay attention to eating regular meals first, do not eat too much, less alcohol, to keep the spirit of optimism. Second, we must actively ulcer disease, pay close attention to changes in condition, should be regularly reviewed.

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