What is frozen tumor therapy

By | December 14, 2011

Cryotherapy, also known as low tumor therapy, physical therapy is one of the tumor. Can rapidly produce ultra-low temperature with the machine, the cooling lesions, so that diseased tissue degeneration, necrosis, or loss, in order to achieve the purpose of treatment of cancer. Frozen tumor therapy as a new medical technology in the benign and malignant tumors has been the treatment of rapid development.
Freeze under certain conditions to store the tissue, on the other hand can be damaged tissues, the tumor after cryotherapy is the use of a role. Freezing causes the death of biological cells main principle is:
(1) and intracellular ice formation during freezing and ice mechanical damage. The melting of frozen, in particular, can slow the natural melting of small ice crystals within the cell aggregation National Cheng Kung University ice, the cells were damaged.
(2) frozen gradually when the concentration of extracellular fluid, causing the osmotic pressure difference between inside and outside cells, intracellular fluid extravasation Erzhi cell dehydration and shrinkage.
(3) cell dehydration, electrolyte concentration can shrink and the enzyme activity is subject to freezing disturbance, promote cell poisoning and injury.
(4) when the cell pH value decreased freezing, acidic, increasing the protein denaturation.
(5) freezing can cause degeneration of membrane lipoproteins, so that the membrane rupture.
(6) on the living tissue freezing can cause the small blood vessels, to be melted, the small blood vessels expand, increased permeability, blood flow is slow deposition. Meanwhile, when the capillaries rapidly frozen embolization, micro-circulatory arrest, resulting in ischemia. In summary, the freezing of biological cell death led to the combined result of many factors.
Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy of the tumor is the most widely used refrigerant, which low boiling point (-196OC), use of safe, wide variety of sources. There is also nitrous oxide, the country state carbon dioxide, freon, oxygen, liquid oxygen, nitrous oxide, also can be used as medical refrigerant. Clinically for the treatment of cancer have liquid nitrogen freezer refrigerator, high pressure oxygen "cold knife", thermoelectric cooling apparatus.
Currently used in clinical treatment of tumor frozen roughly 5:
(1) placed in contact with frozen frozen head gently pressing the surface of frozen tumors.
(2) into the freezer to freeze the first needle into the tumor, in order to reach deeper parts of cancer treatment.
(3) If the liquid nitrogen poured into the funnel poured through the funnel cavity cancer.
(4) direct spray, such as liquid nitrogen directly onto the lesion, suitable for rugged diffuse large surface area of superficial tumors.
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