Etiology of esophageal cancer – genetic factors

By | March 23, 2012

Etiology of esophageal cancer – genetic factors, it has long been noted that the phenomenon of familial aggregation of esophageal cancer, which makes people think of genetic factors in the pathogenesis of esophageal cancer may occupy a certain position. It was observed that family members of the high incidence of chromosomal aberrations was significantly higher than the control group, indicating a high incidence of family members of the body's internal environment of causing cancer.
Recent studies have shown that the nature of the tumor is a molecular disease, the incidence of esophageal cancer on the molecular level is largely unchanged. Cells in the proto-oncogene activation and anti-cancer gene inactivation and loss can lead to cell cancer. Esophageal Cancer The role of the family genetic factors may cause the normal esophageal epithelial cells that occur before birth loss of cancer genes, and therefore easy to disease.
Esophageal cancer etiology – genetic factors, population and genetic susceptibility and environmental conditions. Comparison of esophageal cancer has a significant family aggregation, high incidence of 3 for 3 on behalf of or on behalf of the family appeared in more than common in patients with esophageal cancer. Such as the high incidence of a village in northern Iran in 12 families with 63 people, including esophageal cancer were 14 and 13 people are descendants of a couple. Moved by the high incidence of low-incidence area of immigration, even up to over a hundred years, still remain relatively high.
Etiology of esophageal cancer – genetic factors, Professor Li Peiwen reported 3 consecutive generation of the family history of esophageal cancer similar to that 3 on behalf of the patients in the symptoms, course of disease, death season, age at death, brothers, are very similar to the ranking order. Professor Lee pointed out that positive family history, maternal than paternal disease prevalence, familial aggregation of esophageal cancer caused by genetic or due to environmentally induced to live together are worth further exploration. In recent years, has carried out studies of genetic-related genes, and believe it will be the results of molecular biology, which reveals the nature of genetic factors of esophageal cancer.

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