Factors in the etiology of esophageal cancer and other

By | March 23, 2012

Etiology of esophageal cancer, and other factors 1. Gender and Age
The incidence of this disease and gender, age. Census data show that the ratio of men and women suffering from esophageal cancer in China is about 1.3:1 – 2 .7:1, the United States is about 2:1.4 door, but in the high incidence of disease per significant difference between men and women. Age of onset of esophageal cancer mainly high age group. In China, most of the onset after the age of 40, in which the highest incidence of 60-64 years old (17.95%). High incidence of esophageal cancer age of onset about 10 years in advance. Esophageal cancer mortality is higher in men than women, and the increase of age.
Esophageal cancer etiology and other factors 2. Race and immigration
In the various nationalities in Xinjiang Kazakh highest incidence of esophageal cancer, followed by sticky family, Uygur, Han. The world like the Soviet Union's Kazakh, Turkmen in Iran and Afghanistan, Uzbekistan is high incidence of family, the annual incidence rate of 165/10 million (M) and 195/10 million (female), while the nearby Caucasus Russia, Tajiks, the incidence of Iran's Persian family was only 5 / 10 million; the incidence of African Americans 6 times higher than whites. Immigration epidemiological data show that the incidence rate of the Singapore Chinese 20/10 million, higher than the locals; high incidence of esophageal cancer in Guangdong Province to move to the South Sea Islanders first-generation immigrants Meizhou esophageal cancer mortality rate was 32/10 million higher than the local residents 18.7/10 million; Hubei, Henan migrants Zhongxiang mortality rate for esophageal cancer is 5 times the local population.
Etiology of esophageal cancer, and other factors 3. Eating too fast, eating coarse food
May cause esophageal mucosal damage, repeated injury can cause epithelial hyperplasia, anaplastic, and finally lead to cancer. Some congenital diseases, such as the esophagus to room, esophageal hiatus crazy, or frequent contact with asbestos, lead, silica, etc. may be related to the incidence of esophageal cancer have a certain contact. After several years of cancer after radiation therapy, can be induced in the radiation of another cancer within the scope of coverage is not unusual.
Hakka of Meizhou in the risk factors for esophageal cancer case-control study found that the Hakka people from the Central Plains Region (now the Henan province) moved to the Meizhou have been several hundred years of history, still maintain a relatively high incidence of esophageal cancer. According to the results of epidemiological studies suggest immigrants, the incidence of esophageal cancer may be the main environmental factors, living habits and diet, genetic predisposition also play a role.

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