Etiology of esophageal cancer – nutrition, vitamins and trace elements

By | March 23, 2012

Etiology of esophageal cancer – nutrition, vitamins and trace elements, an overview of the world's high incidence of esophageal cancer, tumors are generally poor in the land, poverty-stricken areas with poor nutrition, diet deficient in vitamin, protein and essential fatty acids. The lack of these elements can make the esophageal mucosal epithelial hyperplasia, anaplastic, and further can cause cancer. Intervention trial in high risk area for the crowd, the crowd in esophageal epithelial hyperplasia in the vitamin after such lesions can improve.
Sweden esophageal cancer in high incidence of food after riboflavin supplements significantly reduced the incidence. Trace elements iron, aluminum, such as the lack of Cincinnati, and also the occurrence of esophageal cancer. The lack of aluminum nitrate in the soil can increase. Aluminum is the main component of plant nitrate reductase, is the lack of aluminum nitrate accumulation in plants, so the high incidence of esophageal food Central Glass and precursors of secondary adhesive glue, nitrite, nitrate content was significantly higher than low-incidence area of similar substances in food. Under appropriate conditions (such as the acid in the) two plastic formed by the reaction of nitrite nitrite rubber.
Etiology of esophageal cancer – nutrition, vitamins and trace elements, state residents to eat sauerkraut forest contains large amounts of white, mold, mold contamination can nitrate reduction to nitrite, and fungal decomposition of the protein in food, increased food secondary rubber content, promoting nitrite rubber synthesis. By a large number of experimental data show that long-term consumption of nitrite rubber content of foods can cause cancer, in which a Key West Kia nitrate to produce plastic esophageal cancer-specific carcinogen in rats. Based on these facts, our epidemiologists made a mold of esophageal cancer Etiology nitroso compounds. On the other hand, vitamin C is a strong oxidant, can become a nitric oxide nitrite reduction, so that glue can not be nitrosated, thereby blocking the synthesis of nitrite in vivo efficacy of glue. Vitamin A can inhibit nitrite rubber and block the carcinogenic effects of esophageal mucosa. Calcium can dysplasia reversed to normal esophageal epithelial cell proliferation state. Therefore, regular consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits, and foods high in vitamin A, increased vitamin C and vitamin A and calcium content in favor of blocking the in vivo synthesis of nitrite rubber, nitrite rubber mutagenicity can make disappear.
Forest City, Henan Province, is the high incidence of esophageal cancer, one of the 20th century, the 70s, the state forest age-adjusted mortality rate for male esophageal cancer 254.77/10 million women 161.11/10 million, ranking first in the country. It was repeatedly found that forests in the state of dietary vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C and other micronutrients and trace elements in front of consistently lower than the standard daily dietary nutrient supply. This low nutritional status is considered to be residents of Esophageal Cancer in Linzhou important background conditions.
1985_1991 years, the state of Sino-US cooperation in the forest nutrition intervention trials conducted, the results show that vitamin B2 and niacin compound capsules may reduce the incidence of esophageal cancer, added Lu Hu Luoka a hormone, vitamin E and drying compound capsules may reduce total mortality and total cancer mortality, cancer mortality reduction. Forest nutrition intervention trials showed that the state of dietary micronutrients in cancer prevention importance. Also found that the lack of Henan water Linzhou aluminum, may be related to high incidence of esophageal cancer. Reported in the literature, high incidence of serum aluminum in the crowd, made of aluminum and urine aluminum and aluminum in esophageal cancer are lower than normal.
Etiology of esophageal cancer – nutrition, vitamins and trace elements, including aluminum tumor suppressor role has been confirmed by the United States and other scholars. Survey of 65 counties of esophageal cancer mortality and population rice, fruit consumption, and blood ascorbic acid levels were negatively correlated. Shexian staple of high-risk groups are wheat, corn and other crops, while the consumption of small amounts of rice, which is similar to the African reports. Post a single urban per capita consumption of rice, beans and foodstuffs such as meat, milk, and fruit was significantly higher than Shexian crowd. Shexian people eat rice, fruit, meat, milk, beans, fresh vegetables and less, the body of vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin A and the B vitamins is low or lacking. Experiments show that vitamin C and vitamin E can inhibit the synthesis of nitrous compounds in the body, thereby preventing the occurrence of cancer. Therefore, changes in diet and nutrition improvement in reducing morbidity and mortality of esophageal cancer have a certain significance.

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