Early manifestation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

By | April 8, 2012

Early manifestation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, nasal cavity are mostly based on the occurrence of chronic inflammation, and therefore the performance of its early symptoms like rhinitis or sinusitis. Nasal common early symptoms are:
(1) stuffy nose one by one common symptoms of nasal obstruction is rhinitis, usually expressed as the time pass when the nose plug, or both nostrils alternately blocked. When the inflammatory attack, severe nasal congestion, and reduce or disappear after the inflammation subsided. Blocked nose if it is unilateral, continuous barrier, and gradually increased, and finally completely blocked nose, it would have to think about whether the long nose of new organisms. If the elderly, accompanied by bloody nose, then it should be suspected as the nasal cavity of the.
(2), epistaxis in adults over the age of a -40, if the usual bad habit of not picking your nose and nose injuries and no risk of hypertension, while the occurrence of recurrent epistaxis, and bleeding is limited to unilateral nostril, nose bleeding is a continuous outflow of a small amount of blood T, which should be thought of whether the nasal cavity or sinus cancer.
Early manifestation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (3) one by one if the head and face dull persistent headache lasting, when the increase in the supine, but not serving the general effect of painkillers, along with nasal symptoms. At this time, can not find other reasons in the case, we must consider whether these symptoms are nasal cancer caused by compression of local nerves.
(4) unilateral tears one by one – if a unilateral eye often tears the elderly, and associated with nasal symptoms, the inspection did not find the eye disease, these symptoms may be nasal tube by the new head of the biology of oppression caused. So be sure to pay attention to.
(5) or a swollen cheek numbness appeared one by one unilateral cheek sense of numbness, or swollen, not only did not use special drugs, but also can not find other reasons, we must take into account the award on the side of the sinus is a long new bio, because the comparison of maxillary sinus cancer is more common early symptoms are often numb or swollen cheek.
(6), abnormal eleven when the molar teeth (on the left and right teeth 6 – 8 teeth) there have been some unusual circumstances, such as loose teeth, there is a sense of liters of teeth, tooth pain and loss, after tooth extraction wound long-term diseases, alveolar thin tube formation on the collar, etc. If these conditions occur in the elderly, should be suspected to be suffering from maxillary sinus cancer.
(7) cheek bulge eleven unilateral painless swelling of the cheek, cheek production from lung and numbness associated with the premises, such a situation occurs in the elderly, it should be suspected to be suffering from a malignant tumor.
In addition, the elderly If there is difficulty in opening mouth, forehead swelling, numbness or suffering from soft-focus Xin Teng phenomena, taking into account the tumor may be due to the posterior wall of maxillary sinus puncture. If you find a sudden swelling of the maxillary alveolar and hard palate are painless semi-circular bulge, may be forward or maxillary sinus cancer due to the formation of the bottom extension. If you see proptosis or displacement, or eye muscle paralysis, and vision loss, may be to the orbital ethmoid tumor expansion caused.
Early manifestation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, these symptoms can not simply point to consider is the cancer, but should be integrated together to consider J and to the suspicious, the time your doctor Nose detailed examination, including CT and X film was so as to expedite the diagnosis and early treatment.

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