Early signs of bladder cancer

By | April 8, 2012

Early manifestation of bladder cancer, bladder cancer accounts for about 3% of all malignant tumors, is one of the more common cancers. Early manifestation of bladder cancer is mainly:
Eleven patients with bladder cancer, about 75% – 78% had hematuria, and more in painless hematuria or intermittent, and sometimes stop on their own. But one thing must be noted that some of these hematuria can be seen with the naked eye, but most of it is with the naked eye can not be found, shall be subject to routine urine can find it.
Yi also has a lot of bladder cancer in patients with early cancer, there are frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other stimuli. If the tumor ulceration, infection, bladder muscle twins recover from illness, the bladder irritation symptoms will become more apparent, and accompanied by chills, fever. If the broad and deep tumor invasion, can pain, and in the urinary bladder contraction, or increased urination. If the tumor is located in the bladder neck, can cause urinary tract infarction, or even travel there to stay in urine. If the tumor invasion to crossing renal pelvis can occur and upstream water infection, severe cases can cause sepsis, and uremia.
National Cancer Institute researchers have developed a new method of examination of bladder cancer, using this method, the doctor is still in bladder cancer at an early stage and can be found to cure. Such examination is mainly for testing urine samples of patients to check whether the urine protein containing AMF.
Early manifestation of bladder cancer, this chemical around the tumor site in cancer cells move to other parts of the body and plays a key role in proliferation. This inspection method can not only detect cancer but also to determine the status of cancer invasion, which is for bladder cancer patients is extremely important. This approach not only for diagnosis, bladder cancer can help doctors track cancer patients whether they are still there.

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