Early manifestation of gastric stump cancer

By | April 8, 2012

Early manifestation of gastric stump cancer, gastric cancer is the remnant stomach, duodenum and other benign diseases after gastrectomy, the remaining small portion of the stomach down the cancer occurred. It has been observed confirmed that remnant stomach cancer than normal incidence of gastric cancer incidence was 3 times.
Remnant gastric cancer in the early symptoms are often not specific, it is easy to be mistaken for a "post-gastrectomy syndrome" or mistaken for a "swing ulcer disease recurrence" and other benign lesions, so easily misdiagnosed.
Residual cancer in the early performance of the remnant gastric cancer are many reasons, mainly with alkaline reflux gastritis, bacteria and their toxins residual acetabular toxicity of the gastric mucosa and gastrin on the low level. Most of gastric stump carcinoma after partial gastrectomy occurs first 10-19 years. Generally, 5 years after gastrectomy, if the following symptoms should be considered for the occurrence of early signs of gastric stump cancer:
(1) The sudden appearance of gastric symptoms, and was progressively increased, then there should attach great importance to remnant stomach cancer. This benign lesion can be identified, in the case after the gastrectomy comprehensive defects, many of the symptoms occurred shortly after surgery, and long: the case of swing ulcer recurrence, but also occurred within 3 years after surgery.
(2) on the irregular abdominal pain or burning-like sense of fullness, may be associated with consumption Sister, indigestion, heating gas and other symptoms.
(3) unexplained anemia, recurrent positive fecal occult blood test, blood, or sudden H area, solutions and other oil-like stool.
(4) unexplained vomiting or difficulty swallowing those. Occurred in the setting sun responsible for portal difficulty swallowing pain can occur earlier. Occurred in the gastric remnant around the stoma is often an intermittent vomiting, stomach contents like bile.
Early manifestation of gastric stump cancer to early detection of residual gastric cancer, gastrectomy should be after 10 years, annually to the hospital endoscopy, especially in the above situation, but also to prompt diagnosis, and found that gastric remnant in time to treatment.

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