Cancer treatment on male sexual behavior

By | April 1, 2012

Cancer treatment has a great influence on the body. Men appear to reduce libido, erectile function, and premature ejaculation, intercourse, genital pain and other symptoms.
Cancer treatment on male sexual behavior 1. The lack of sexual desire: cancer treatment, both men and women are lack of sexual desire. Concerned about the survival of patients is much higher than on the nature of the needs, which is a very normal thing. Even after the start of treatment, patients may remain uninterested in sex, because mainly from concern, depression, nausea or pain. Cancer treatment destroyed the normal hormone balance is also a lack of sexual desire factors.
If there are contradictions as husband and wife, of one or both parties is not on emotions, or the total prevalence of men want to get too excited, but also make him an erection or can not be sustained erection. Often, anxiety is not fear of an erection or can not meet each other and cause. Some men undergoing cancer treatment may still have sexual desire, can ejaculate but can not erect; other men, although they can not ejaculate, but it can with the rhythmic contraction of muscles feel climax.
Cancer treatment on male sexual behavior 2. Erectile dysfunction: Some cancer surgery can affect erection, such as prostate surgery, gallbladder surgery, abdominal surgery, pelvic organ removal surgery. These procedures would undermine the control of blood flow to the penis nerve, damage to the nerves like a broken telephone line and began the erection of the information is not decay is completely lost. Distribution around the prostate nerves, close to the back of the rectum and prostate as cobweb tight around the divergence, therefore, can not see a doctor during surgery or forced them to cut them.
A resection of the prostate has been found to retain in the new method of nerve. When the tumor location and size of this method is suitable for most men use this procedure to better restore erection. Some men can fully recover, but sometimes a year. Typically, young men are more likely to fully recover. 60 years of age, especially men under 50 years of age older than the recovery rate is higher, pre-operative male erectile good preoperative erectile problems than men are more likely to fully recover.
Cancer treatment on male sexual behavior 3. Premature ejaculation: Premature ejaculation means orgasm too fast. Men have erectile problems often do not have the ability to control delay tide is high, so they shot too early ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a particularly common problem, often the health of people. Excited through the slow speed of practice to overcome. Some men will feel that from the climax of the excitement experienced weaker than before the illness, excitement will be reduced with increasing age, but for the impact of cancer treatment is particularly prominent male ejaculation.
Cancer treatment on male sexual behavior 4. Pain: male genitalia sometimes have pain during intercourse, due to cancer treatment to stimulate the prostate and urethra, causing painful ejaculation. Penile erection caused by pain is less common but more than 40 years of age in men with erectile penis may be curved and pain, and this is Peyronies disease (inflammation of fibrous sponge), now seems to have no cancer in common. If there is any genital pain should immediately tell the doctor.

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