Psychological treatment of health care workers and their families

By | April 1, 2012

Health care workers to patients and their families do pay attention to psychological treatment
Note 1 patient psychotherapy. Familiar with the specific content of treatment programs, such as the amount and method of drug treatment, psychological treatment methods.
Psychological treatment of patients note 2. To understand the patient's condition before treatment, treatment response, treatment effects.
Psychological treatment of patients note 3. To find out the actual expected impact of the adverse effects of factors such as stimulation of the accident, life, quality of care, whether the disease changes.
Psychological treatment of patients note 4. Changes do not fit the patient's treatment plan; enhance life care, such as skin hygiene, oral care, bed comfortable position when the diet of the color, smell, ignorant, or not, smooth bowel movements; increase entertainment content, dispersion of the disease the patient's attention, thereby enhancing and improving the effectiveness of psychological comfort.

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