Treatment of cancer patients in families with coping strategies

By | April 1, 2012

Family members of cancer patients with the treatment in the coping strategies of relatives of the patient's mental state and attitude directly affect the therapeutic effect. Some family members of cancer patients regardless of whether the patient's requirements are too reasonable accommodation. At this time family members should understand that it is necessary to meet the reasonable demands of the patient, proper care of patients, but also accord with the principles of healing, not unprincipled accommodation, in which patients follow medical advice, safe treatment.
Family members to accompany chronic illness patients, often revealed the impatience, so that the patient's psychological adverse stimulation. For the families of the lack of medical knowledge that the patient's disease will be transmitted to themselves, their patients do not want to touch anything used, the words of the patients do not care, the treatment of patients lose confidence, which in turn will stimulate the patient vicious . Family members should strengthen their faith and love through the life of the patients with appreciation the last moment.
In line with the treatment of cancer patients in the family coping strategies, some relatives did not believe their loved ones will suffer from cancer, the diagnosis that doctors are not reliable with their own expectations and fantasies instead of reality. Once the disease progression or there was dying to panic, and even a brawl. Families to understand the patient's condition and eliminate suspicion, and the development and outcome of disease have a full understanding. Relatives with cancer, family members will show pessimism.
Strong feelings of the patient, family members in daily life will soon leave this world, this time after the death of the patient will be considered income, child support and so on, will cause the family into a painful position, all anxious, tearful, even in cry in front of patients, so that greatly affected the patient's emotional and psychological imbalance.
In this case, the patient's family should be to control their emotions in front of the patient to maintain a good state of mind; to fully understand the suffering of the patients, patient counseling; more to the patient, grasp the ideological and psychological status of patients; to encourage patients to air their doubts, worries and anxiety, with proper comfort; of disease do not, under positive or negative conclusion, mild language, so that patients with emotional stability. Condition of the patient's family members have sufficient understanding and mental preparation, and enhance their own faith and love, good with the work.
Treatment of cancer patients in families with coping strategies, encouragement and support for patients, takes good care of the patient, so that patients get a great psychological comfort to maintain an optimistic attitude and plenty of confidence, helping patients with the disease struggle to prolong survival.

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