Cancer treatment on female sexual behavior

By | April 1, 2012

Cancer treatment on female sexual behavior 1. The lack of sexual desire: in cancer treatment for at least a period of time, both parties will lose interest in sexual terms. They are in treatment, the reasons for the loss of sexual desire comes from fear, depression, nausea or pain. In addition, the cancer treatment would disrupt the normal hormone secretion, leading to low sexual desire. If you have obstacles to normal relations between the two sides would lead to one or both partners may lose interest. Affect women of any excitement or ideas will affect their sexual desire, mood disorders can affect their libido. The results of their vagina will become more tight and dry, which can cause discomfort during sexual intercourse. Many people are suffering from cancer, but fear for their partner or because of changes in the body to lose interest in the word cancer.
Cancer treatment on female sexual behavior 2. Pain: female patients during sexual intercourse, and often pain. This is mainly because the size of the vagina changes or moisture caused. Generally appear in pelvic surgery, radiation therapy or for treatment of female hormones after. Sometimes the pain can cause vaginal twin recover from illness. If women have a vaginal twins recover from illness, the muscles around the vaginal opening will become tight, often women will not notice. Her partner can not be within the penis into the vagina, and when he forced insertion, women recover from illness due to twin tightening vaginal muscles, and was very painful. The vagina may help some of the recommendations twins recover from illness and special relaxation training for treatment.
Cancer treatment on female sexual behavior 3. Early menopause: early menopause are another common female problem of cancer patients, the symptoms more serious than those of natural menopause in the ovary or ovaries removed because of side chemotherapy or pelvic radiotherapy and damage, the patient due to loss of face caused by estrogen hot flashes, vaginal atrophy (vaginal tighten dry). Some women can use hormone preparations to solve these problems. But the breast or uterine cancer usually can not use estrogen. Early postmenopausal women, and sometimes less due to reduced androgen secretion and sexual pleasure. This problem can be checked out by blood tests accurately. Under the doctor's orders usually safe to take male hormones.
Cancer treatment on female sexual behavior 4. Orgasm: female patients can still achieve orgasm, unless the cancer treatment or injury to the spinal cord caused by genital area did not feel, or sensitive areas of cancer surgery, for example, the lower the clitoris or vagina. Sometimes the pain caused by sexual intercourse also hinder women to achieve orgasm. Women may try to use different positions for sexual intercourse or touching genitals the way, and the need to re-learn how to achieve orgasm.

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