Chemotherapy on reproductive and sexual function of

By | April 1, 2012

Chemotherapy on reproductive and sexual function effects, chemotherapy can affect the reproductive and sexual function of men and women, its occurrence and severity depend on whether the drugs used and the patient's age and physical condition.
Chemotherapy on reproductive and sexual function of 1. And sexual function of male reproductive effects: Chemotherapy drugs can cause reduced sperm count, motility decreased and abnormal sperm quality, these changes can lead to temporary or permanent infertility. Infertility affects only the male reproductive capacity, does not affect sexual ability.
Because chemotherapy can cause permanent infertility, so patients receiving chemotherapy should be preceded by careful discussion with your doctor the possibility of hope in the future if the patient has their own children, can be considered to the hospital saved his sperm bank sperm for future artificial insemination use. Men receiving chemotherapy contraceptive measures should be implemented, because chemotherapy is toxic to sperm cells, the role of chromosomes, the genetic aspects prone to change.
Chemotherapy on reproductive and sexual function of 2. On the female reproductive and sexual function effects: Chemotherapy drugs can damage the ovarian function, causing temporary or permanent infertility, it depends on the types of drug used, dosage, patient's age . Similar to the case with radiation, chemotherapy patients may become pregnant, as certain anti-cancer drugs can cause birth defects, it is recommended that women of childbearing age undergoing chemotherapy should take contraceptive measures during the period.
If the patient has been diagnosed with a cancer of pregnancy, childbirth until after chemotherapy, if the acute illness, can not wait until after delivery of chemotherapy, have to wait until at least 12 weeks of pregnancy before starting chemotherapy, because in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, fetal effects of chemotherapy drugs are most vulnerable. In some cases, termination of pregnancy may be considered.
Thus, cancer patients in chemotherapy, radiation therapy during pregnancy do not lead to fetal malformations, when can pregnancy be carried out under the guidance of doctors.

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