Tumor-specific drugs in the late

By | November 4, 2011

Specific drugs in the late stage of tumor, tumor metastasis and recurrence serious, and ultimately develop into a tumor in the late symptoms of deterioration is too high, is no longer suitable for surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the tumor was mainly drug therapy in advanced.
Recent Cinobufotalin film production in the late tumor-specific drugs, HCS is the use of scientific methods to extract natural herbs dried toad skin of the fat-soluble ingredient is refined for the anti-cancer and enhance immunity swollen, long-term efficacy observed that the product has a definite anti-tumor and immune function in cancer patients enhanced dual role, and the toxic side effects after treatment is a safe and effective anticancer drugs, this product has now become the national basic medical insurance drugs varieties, countries Chinese medicine to protect species (protected species No. ZYB20720051730).
Cinobufotalin chip clinically proven to increase the performance of appetite, pain mitigation, weight gain, wound scab, soft lumps, Bureau of lymphatic therapy to reduce surgical adhesions, especially caused by chemotherapy and bone marrow suppression and serious gastrointestinal reactions resulting in discontinuation of therapy who use the product can make blood, liver and decreased cellular immune function is no longer ensure the smooth progress of chemotherapy.
Cinobufotalin films have the following characteristics of cancer
(1) highly effective broad spectrum, anticancer drug with unique quality of gold;
(2) with superior anti-tumor activity;
(3) super-block tumor growth;
(4) enhance the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy;
(5) the lifting of chemotherapy toxicity;
(6) potent analgesic;
(7) enhance the immunity;
(8) clinical use of safe non-toxic side effects

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