How to deal with the infection of cancer chemotherapy (b)

By | November 4, 2011

How to deal with the infection of cancer chemotherapy are the following:
Do not cut or torn fingernails broken skin or skin, using scissors, needles or knives to be careful, the blade can be replaced by electric shaver shaving shaving, so as not to damage the skin;
maintain good oral care, do not squeeze or scratch the face breaking step colonization;
warm bath once a day to wash, shower or sponge bath, wipe the skin slightly, do not rub too hard;
If cracks when drying with a lotion or oil to lubricate, heal the skin;
used warm water, soap, disinfectant and anti-infection clean cut or scratches immediately, every day until the healing so far;
avoid waste, catheter and fish tank and other contacts;
avoid contact with drinking in the deposition of scale, bird bath basins, vases, or humidifiers, etc.;
When cleaning out the garden, especially together with the children to wear protective gloves;
discussion without checking with your doctor when you do not receive any vaccinations such as flu or pneumonia vaccination;
Do not eat raw fish, meat, eggs and seafood.
Signs of infection should be reported immediately to the physician, even at night, when you low white blood cells is particularly important. Such as fever, consult a physician without prior not to Aspirin, such as vinyl plastic look forward to any drug to lower your temperature.
Infection in cancer chemotherapy are the main points of how to deal with:
Wash your hands often during the day, especially before eating, after toilet and after contact with animals;
After each stool, gently but thoroughly clean the door at the anus, if the parts of a room or suffering from irritation of sores, physicians should be invited to deal with, the use of enemas or suppositories Wang door before the doctor to check;
away from people with colds, Ma Yan, water psychosis infected patients, in order to avoid transmission to you;
to try to avoid crowded places, such as go to the store or the movies, even if there is not heavy;
chemotherapy from infection how to deal with those who recently received the vaccination of children, such as the inoculated water disease vaccine, oral polio vaccine had children, because they might be transmitted to you, consult a physician if the problem can be.

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