How to deal with the infection of cancer chemotherapy (a)

By | November 4, 2011

Infection in cancer chemotherapy is normal, this is because most anticancer drugs affect the bone marrow, making it difficult to create white blood cells. White blood cells is to remove a variety of full-time cellular pathogens to prevent infection. When leukopenia during chemotherapy, some drugs can accelerate the recovery of white blood cells to extend their efforts to reduce time. The drug is known as recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF), white blood cell count can increase rapidly, thereby reducing the risk of serious infection.
Chemotherapy mostly from bacterial infections, skin, oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract and reproductive tract there are many bacteria that normally would not cause infection, but decreased since the cells are susceptible, therefore, may sometimes cause of the infection is unknown, even if Specifically, you may still be infected with care. But still can do something to prevent infection.
Cancer chemotherapy have symptoms of infection are the following:
temperature above 38 C, chills, especially chills;
stool thin, more times;
frequent urination, urgency or burning sensation when;
severe cough or sore throat;
cancer, abnormal vaginal discharge or itching;
catheterization anal area or around the painful swelling occurs, especially when the sore around the wound, paranasal sinus pain or tenderness, earache, headache or stiff neck;
water lips or skin tumors, oral pain. If any of these symptoms occur immediately told the doctor.

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