Food taboos of lung cancer

By | November 4, 2011

Lung cancer treatment process, generally considered, lung cancer claims TCM dietary taboos, taboos Western Meiyou problem, but after a long in-depth dietary study of lung cancer, found that some food and cancer incidence, and therefore, it was suggested that "healthy eating", " start from the mouth to prevent cancer, "and so, in this sense, it should be necessary to avoid certain food.
Suffering from lung cancer what foods to eat after the cause of tumor recurrence or metastasis, there is no scientific basis. Sometimes we can see that some patients with very strict diet, do not eat a lot of things, but cancer recurrence and metastasis still. Some patients with dietary diversification, not a partial eclipse, a regular diet control, but it very well.
Cancer recurrence or metastasis, mainly the lower body's resistance to the original cancer cells have not been completely eliminated, while the blood or lymphatic spread appears the result of not eating a certain food caused. Lung food taboos, folk wisdom of "hair thing", such as lamb, fish without scales, Zhu Tourou, animal offal, rooster, dog, silkworm snail, shrimps, crabs and other seafood, can cause tumor recurrence or metastasis, is the lack of theory and based on the experiments.
In fact, in clinical work yet to be seen clearly because of tumor recurrence or worsening eating Erzhi example. Lung cancer patients because of physical weakness, weight loss, poor appetite, diet, eat nutritious, easily digestible food absorption.Lung food taboos, which "taboos" that also "taboos" and even eggs, tofu, vegetables do not dare eat, only to the deterioration of the nutritional status of patients on the rehabilitation of cancer patients detriment.

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