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By | November 4, 2011

Late that advanced lung cancer lung cancer, lung cancer, a relatively high degree of disease progression, the patient weak constitutions, chest tightness, severe hemoptysis, no longer suitable for surgery or radiotherapy and chemotherapy, clinical medicine only by the conservative therapy, patients in improving physical At the same time alleviate the symptoms of lung cancer patients, clinical, and lung cancer later commonly used Chinese medicine mainly in the following categories:
Lung cancer later used in Chinese medicine 1. Yifei particles Thanh Hoa
With Qi Yin, clearing heat and detoxification, Huatanzhike. For Qi and Yin Deficiency, Yin internal heat in advanced lung cancer, Zheng Jian shortness of breath, fatigue, cough, hemoptysis, chest pain, or a combination of the above symptoms of ineffective chemotherapy and relapse.
Commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine 2 late lung cancer. Qingfei Sanjie Pill
This product can inhibit cancer metastasis and proliferation, thereby preventing tumor growth, and can quickly improve the immune function, reduce side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on the human body. Clearing and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and pain relief, swelling and pain, cough and phlegm, for lung cancer, tuberculosis, lymphatic system, bronchitis, M. scrofulaceum and other diseases.
Commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine 3 late lung cancer. KLT injection
KLT injection is the use of modern science and technology provoke meters from the Chinese anti-cancer substances in the extract – Jalan MI Ren vinegar injection. The drug has anti-cancer and resolve toxin, righting and other effects, can be used as lung cancer patients during radiotherapy or adjuvant chemotherapy, the body is weak, sick of late, or not suitable for radiotherapy or chemotherapy drugs can be used as the main treatment . Because the drug contains lipids, lipid medication should be reviewed regularly, to have patients with a history of hyperlipidemia should be used under the guidance of doctors. Some patients may have mild phlebitis, or fever, for bone marrow function and no significant effect on liver and kidney function. Some other Chinese medicine preparations can refer to parts of Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer.
4 lung cancer in Chinese medicine used later. Eiemene injection
The drug is extracted from the temperature of my patients to a major component of elemene for the anti-cancer drugs, mainly through the inhibition of cancer cell's DNA, RNA and protein synthesis to achieve its anti-cancer effect. The drug can be used for lung cancer patients during radiotherapy or adjuvant chemotherapy for malignant pleural effusion and effective, can also be used for advanced lung cancer patients an opportunity lost when radiotherapy or chemotherapy cancer treatment. The main side effects are phlebitis (blood vessel partial stimulation), gastrointestinal reactions. After intrapleural injection of different degrees of chest pain. Of white blood cells, platelets and other non-inhibition.

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