Traditional anti-cancer drugs

By | April 17, 2012

Chinese anti-cancer drugs, mainly anti-cancer anti-cancer drug prescription. According to Chinese medicine traditions, folklore, and their experiences, on the basis of the TCM drugs can be combined with some possible anti-cancer herbs.
Commonly used anti-cancer herbs, according to the taste can be divided into the following categories:
(1) heat antidote such as tonkinensis, Fissidens grass, barbata, lobelia, diffusa, from Britain, Duchesnea indica, shikonin, the tomb back, Hara and so on.
(2) The blood of the marks categories such as stone see through, Rumex root, earthworm, ground turtle worms, Qu surgery, frog clams, pretty spot, rhubarb and so on.
(3) Endometriosis categories such as mountain Arrowhead, ice hockey son, Prunella, sea pumice, Shi Yan, kelp and seaweed.
(4) phlegm categories such as shellfish, honey locust thorns, Arisaema, Pinellia and so on.
(5) other, such as rolling in August, Strychnos, Clematis, Brucea javanica, realgar, looking in addition, Shegan, surgery melon, Wang Jiangnan, Menispermaceae, Atractylodes and so on.
These are only some examples, there are many kinds of drugs. In addition, all doctors are not the same drug habit, but also use their conventional anti-cancer medicine. Cancer patients often have a variety of symptoms such as cough, nausea, vomiting, yellow disease, ascites, pain, and all parts of the bleeding. In medicine, in addition to TCM drugs, anticancer selection Virgin, while also adding some symptomatic drug use, so as to alleviate the symptoms. Drug selection generally refer to the following:
Traditional anti-cancer drug (1) cough commonly used ephedra, almond, approved the leaves, bellflower, Pinellia, melon son, River Park and so on.
(2) loss of appetite commonly used Divine Comedy, fried Guya, fried malt, mte plants and so on.
(3) nausea common Bergamot, Patchouli, Perrin, the Soviet Union stems, green, plum and other statue.
(4) and vomiting common ginger, Pinellia, Citrus, Zhuru and so on.
(5) Yellow Fever common capillaris, mountain hammer, money grass, field-based yellow and so on.
(6) ascites often rely Ling skin, Plantago, Taifu Pi, Alisma and so on.
(7) Health Puhuang common pain, Wulingzhi, Corydalis, mice and other women.
(8) nosebleed Imperata common flower, Achyranthes charcoal, Agrimony and so on.
(9), hemoptysis common Huadu stone, multiple intersecting, blood over charcoal, Agrimony, self, and, madder and so on.
Chinese anti-cancer drug, (10) blood in the stool of patients with symptoms of common tumor system rustic leather, Burnet, SJ, verbena and so on.

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