TCM treatment of cancer – righting evil and Law

By | April 17, 2012

TCM treatment of cancer – centralizer and method evil, in cancer treatment, should correctly grasp the righting the relationship between evil and cowardly. Centralizer support refers to the use of drugs and treatment methods righteousness, and with proper nutrition and functional training to enhance health and improve the body's resistance and immune function to fight disease and restore health to achieve the purpose, it applies mainly to the positive imaginary cancer patients. Cowardly attack by evil means the use of drugs and toxin treatment, method of eliminating pathogenic factors, control of cancer, in order to achieve the purpose of Quxie centralizer is to apply to Xie Sheng-based cancer patients.
Throughout the evolution of the cancer process, each fluctuation between good and evil are constantly changing, so the treatment should be the "righting" and "cowardly evil" dialectical combination of specific changes according to the disease, that is good and evil and the reality situation to determine the first strike After the first meeting after the meeting or attack or attack supplementation and programs, and strive not to hurt the attack is evil, righting did not love evil. In general, the tumors early, yet a large decline of righteousness, so the mood of the main evil, righting violent struggle between good and evil, supplemented F medium-term, disease are complex, often using supplementation and attack; and to the late, because righteousness is true, not attack the, if still anxious mood of evil, and anti easily hurt is, therefore treatment should be righting the main point, combined with Gui evil, In addition, because cancer method is based on Western medicine, "attack" the main side effects, this time also best to righting conditioning is appropriate. In short, in the clinical application in patients with specific conditions should be combined with application flexibility.
TCM treatment of cancer – centralizer and method evil. Through long-term clinical practice, people on the "righting" and "dispelling evil" of these two concepts have gradually in-depth understanding, some people simply think that Chinese medicine treatment of cancer is simply righting, righting is to use the fill method, in fact, this view is one-sided. Righteousness is not simply to help "fill" its lack of weakness, loss of normal function should also include the adjustment of the function of organs, that organs, yin and yang, qi and blood of the conditioning. "Debate within the sense of trauma," said "warm it, and it, tune it, raise it, all make it." Orange evil ways are different because of the evil nature of different, traditional Chinese medicine advocates evils to "direct attack on the evil", "off their toxic potential of fly but the pathological damage caused by the pathogenic factors and disorders conditioning advocates," tone of the and. "pathological damage such conditioning both the elimination of the" Law of evil "side, but also restore normal physiological function of the" righting "side, which is the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer.

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