Human metabolism and central nervous system

By | April 17, 2012

Human metabolism and central nervous system, according to statistics, the human brain cells about 100-150 billion, human life can only use up to 1110 in which brain cells, the brain was likened to a powerful bomb, We work hard to be developed to its potential, so that people into the more extensive space, the limit of human wisdom in the meta material basis, not only actively to change the nature, society and human beings but also control, regulating their own emotions, body , growth, appetite, sexual desire, and adapt to the external environment.
When people are outside a certain degree of stimulus, in the cerebral cortex, subcortical central nervous and endocrine systems control cards, one in a stress, showing the sympathetic nerve activity, heart rate, blood concentration, blood pressure, lag expand the hole, constipation and a series of performance. When people recreation, relaxation, sleep, heart rate slows, blood vessels relax, lowering blood pressure and so on.
Human metabolism and central nervous system, the main change being nervous excitement, the people of decomposition (alienation) process to accelerate, increase metabolism of waste, can reduce the person's immune system over time, damage the body, susceptible to cancer. When the vice sense of nervous excitement variable, the synthesis of (assimilation) process-based, enabling the body's repair and rehabilitation. Change the world we know, we should also fully understand the structure and life of human beings laws make full use of it as a powerful weapon to overcome the disease.

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