Brain stem tumor surgery

By | April 17, 2012

Brain stem tumor surgery, brain stem glioma tumors more common, a few vascular reticular cells. Invasive growth of the tumor often has, may have cystic degeneration, a few nodular, is expected to reach under a microscope, tumor removal. Surgical approach as the tumor may be.
(1) supratentorial brain tumors using suboccipital approach. Partial tumor desirable lateral fissure approach the front, the side of the tumor is taken Ying suboccipital supratentorial approach.
Brain stem tumor surgery (2) pontine tumor behind the main tumor pontine midline suboccipital approach to take, such as the location is also desirable high suboccipital supratentorial approach, front or rear side of the tumor into the road or take mastoid suboccipital Ying approach.
(3) medullary tumors generally take the suboccipital midline approach, taking the side of the tumor after mastoid approach. Screen into the road along the petrous crest, the cerebellar lobe lift the curtain will part to show the cut in transtentorial brain tumors g by the tumor bulging infratentorial craniotomy avascular zone at the selected cut coagulation.
Brain stem tumor surgery, glioma tumor can be sucked from the tumor, gradually outward until the edema. ANGIORETICULOMA first with a small current coagulation tumor surface, and then separated from the surface of the brain stem tumor. Note: Do not cut into the tumor to avoid bleeding. Cystic tumor cyst fluid out first, and then block resection of the tumor. Tuberculoma aspiration should be to prevent liquid spills service. Cavernous vascular tissue should be removed carefully to a clean, otherwise easily lead to secondary hemorrhage.

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