New cancer therapy – Integrated Traditional and Western

By | April 17, 2012

New treatments for cancer – in the TCM and Western medicine, TCM and Western medicine treatment of tumors in the starting point of Chinese and Western Medicine in full Kangaifangfa estimated based on the advantages and disadvantages, there are plans to integrated applications, in order to play their respective advantages, to a certain extent, avoid or reduce side effects, so that patients get better quality of life and longer survival.
1. Chinese medicine combined treatment with radiotherapy
Comprehensive radiotherapy and Chinese medicine, there are four aspects:
(1) reduce the adverse effects of radiotherapy for head and neck radiation often dry mouth, sore throat; lung radiotherapy often coughing F radiation can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and abdominal distension. Adverse effects of such radiation, the therapeutic effect of Chinese medicines are good.
(2) in the radiation sensitizing effect of the process, whether the sensitizing effect of traditional Chinese medicine, remains to be explored.
(3) improve the long-term outcome after radiotherapy with traditional Chinese medicine, can improve long-term efficacy and reduce recurrence and metastasis.
(4) to prevent the sequelae of radiation therapy in some cancer after radiation therapy, often sequela. Such as long-term rectal cancer after radiation therapy, bladder hazy reaction; lung cancer radiation pneumonitis after radiotherapy and long-term spinal cord radiation go far. Herbs has a preventive effect.
New cancer therapy – Western General 2. Comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and surgery
Surgical resection is the main rapid method of reducing tumor burden, but surgery is generally only applies to some of the early and mid-term patients, their limited scope to adapt and can not prevent recurrence or metastasis after surgery. Therefore, many cancer, surgery alone, no significant long-term efficacy increased over the years, and the comprehensive treatment of the patients can often improve the outcome.
Combining traditional Chinese medicine and surgery, including three aspects:
medicine to prepare for surgery to improve organ function in some patients, such as liver function, heart function, and improve patient health.
the short-term post-operative internal medicine, aims to restore physical fitness, improving or alleviating some of the adverse reactions after surgery, such as fever, sweating, loss of appetite, abdominal bloating, such as poor stool. after the resumption of long-term application of Chinese medicine surgery, both to improve the physical, but also to prevent or reduce recurrence, metastasis and improve the long-term effects.
3. Chinese medicine combined treatment with chemotherapy
Integrated traditional Chinese medicine and the main clinical value of chemotherapy are:
digestive tract during chemotherapy side effects and often blood changes, traditional Chinese medicine because they have a certain effect.
Some chemotherapy drugs have more specific adverse effects, such as impaired renal function, the impact on cardiac function, Chinese medicine has some therapeutic value.
clearance of chemotherapy, Chinese medicine can improve the patients physical, to prepare for the next chemotherapy.
After chemotherapy, associated with traditional Chinese medicine, can improve the long-term efficacy.
New cancer therapy – Western General, 4. Integrated traditional Chinese medicine and immunotherapy
Medicine itself with the effect of improving immune function. Late immune therapy, many experts recommend a variety of immune agents comprehensive application as well. Integrated traditional Chinese medicine with it, is expected to increase its effectiveness.
In recent years, some experiments suggest that traditional Chinese medicine, such as Mao Huang, Xiao Chai Hu Tang and the like, have enhanced the role of LAK cell activity. Chinese medicine combined with the enhancement effect of immune agents, is worth exploring.
New cancer therapy – Western General, 5. With a variety of integrated treatment compared
At home and abroad in recent years, with surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immune comprehensive treatment of certain cancer agents, has been a good long-term effect. Integrated traditional Chinese medicine with it expected to achieve better long-term efficacy and reduce side effects of the therapy.
In summary, combination therapy should be widely applied, it should be noted that the plan must be applied. Generally treated by surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and when the medicine to righting, reduce adverse events were good; in the above treatment, the medicine can be righting, soft strong and qi, blood, and other methods of scar treatment is appropriate.

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