Cancer hazards and impact on the human body

By | April 17, 2012

Cancer, and impact on the health hazards are obvious. But the harm of early cancer and the effects on the human body is not obviously affected, superficial. Therefore, early detection is often difficult, resulting in delay in diagnosis, affecting timely cure. Below is a brief description of its harm to human body:
(1) mechanical obstruction and oppression: the different parts of the tumor on the human body is different. Such as the esophagus can cause esophageal blockage, resulting in dysphagia patients; liver cancer is caused by bile duct obstruction, there yellow plague; primary cancer of the skin will not produce the early symptoms of obstruction and oppression.
(2) destruction of the physiological function of organs: the large number of cancer cell proliferation, tumor where the organs are not normal nutrition of normal cells, cancer cells release toxins is also the first of these organs, so that functional decline. Causes such as liver transaminase elevation, abnormal liver function, or even yellow plague; lung cancer is cough, hemoptysis, and affect the normal respiratory function, further increases can cause cancer chest tightness, shortness of breath; gastric cancer gastric epithelial cells can damage to the normal secretion, nausea, bloating, and loss of appetite and other symptoms.
(3) local hemorrhage, necrosis and infection: the tumor cell growth, and often also because of supply shortages at local tissue necrosis; cancer organizations such as the violation of larger vessels would cause bleeding, blood in the stool of patients of gastric cancer, lung cancer patients with hemoptysis were resulting. In addition, cancer cells multiply rapidly, so that local resistance to reduce the organ where the cancer. Therefore, easily lead to bacterial and viral infections.
(4), fever and pain: tumor cell metabolism and the decomposition of necrotic tissue, and secondary infection can lead to increased body temperature, usually expressed as low heat. Some of the first symptoms of cancer patients is unexplained fever. Because cancer pain is nerve compression or erosion caused. Such as advanced liver cancer, gastric cancer and cancer metastasis to bone marrow, can cause severe bone pain.
(5) cachexia: This is the advanced stage cancer patients with weight loss, weakness, anemia and systemic failure as the main features of the integrated sign. Main causes of bleeding, infection and cancer tissue necrosis caused by toxins produced by metabolic disorders, and cancer cells grow rapidly, consuming a lot of nutrients in the body, and the patient's appetite and sleep late and other serious disorders, a combination of factors.
Great harm to human cancer, the progress of medical science make it possible for the early detection, cure for the cancer foundation. In addition, many cancer prevention achieved significant results, making it less harmful to the minimum.

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