Pain medication

By | April 17, 2012

Pain medication, the number of new cases of cancer every year about 180 million, of which 62% of cancer patients associated with pain. Cancer pain is not only a medical problem, it is a social problem. World Health Organization in 1982 has made 21 million on cancer pain to achieve specific objectives over the world, in the two years we did not achieve this goal.
To change traditional ideas, or cancer pain is difficult to do. Of course, this requires that the medical professionals to educate patients, it also needs the help of social media to spread the concept of the right to the whole society. Often thought that, once the use of analgesic drugs for cancer patients, it means that the bell sounded ominous, the harmful effects of this concept is very large. In real life, many people think that as long as the cancer patients were using analgesic drugs, in particular were using codeine, morphine and other potent analgesic drugs to cancer that has entered the "end stage" This is a kinds of misunderstandings. As a result of the impact of this misunderstanding, many cancer patients fear the so-called "end stage" comes, it will tolerate the pain and suffering, refused to use analgesics; or because of pain, the patient started using pain killers, but that "end stage" the advent of to lose the confidence to continue treatment and survival.
Pain medication if the pain is mild to moderate, you can use non-opioid analgesics, opioid and non-opioid drugs often can be combined as a combination drug (usually propoxyphene, codeine, or porcelain from the test the same composition with aspirin or acetaminophen compound drug) application, or while taking the two drugs. M means a day administration of the provisions of the Equal-hour intervals by medication, until the non-maximum security opioid dosage (for example, paracetamol 325mg day 12 with the United States by the Holy 5mg pay the composition of test compound drugs). If this dose is not enough to produce satisfactory analgesia, the drugs should no longer continue to use the compound; can continue to apply the maximum safe dose of non-opioid analgesics, other then need to give adequate doses of opioid analgesics . People for the month will be able to cause central nervous system adverse reactions, it is not appropriate to use. Agonist – antagonist drug use is also limited because they have capped the analgesic effect of dose, but also in physical dependence on opioids may induce acute in cases of withdrawal syndrome.
Violations of cancer pain of bone cancer can be way or soft tissue, nerve or blood vessel compression or infiltration, or caused by obstruction of hollow organs can also occur in surgery, after chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The root causes of the pain caused to make the correct diagnosis is important because specific treatment targeted to the treatment of pain can be greatly simplified, however, the reasons for carrying out checks at the same time the pain, the pain should also be given symptomatic treatment.
Ru bone pain on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory effects of drugs are particularly good, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and opioids can also be combined. There are many other drugs whose primary role is not pain, but in certain situations they can promote pain relief, known as the secondary analgesic; adrenal cortex hormones (such as, or larger doses of dexamethasone 4mg, oral, each 6 hours 1 second) helps to treat severe bone pain, infiltration of cancer pain caused by neural structures may also be effective.
Pain medication, pain relievers commonly used are: safety and tumor pain, hyperthermia posts, ferulic of the spleen extract, Wu A high hydrobromide injection, Berson cancer Ning, compound angel capsule Lappaconitine hydrobromide tablets.

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