Cancer micrometastasis

By | April 16, 2012

Micrometastases of malignant tumors, metastasis is a sign of malignancy, but also one of the main factors of cancer hazards.
Micrometastases in non-hematologic malignancies is the process of development, spread and survival in blood circulation, lymph node, bone marrow, abdominal cavity and a variety of organizer palace of tumor cells has not yet formed metastatic nodules, without any clinical manifestations, and routine method can not be detected in clinical pathology examination of the transfer.
Micrometastases of malignant tumors in recent years, with the detection technology continues to progress, flow cytometry, molecular biology techniques widely used, tumor micrometastasis positive rate of detection is greatly improved, in order to clear the tumor stage, choice a reasonable surgical approach, estimated tumor recurrence and prognosis, a reasonable choice radiotherapy and chemotherapy to help provide a strong program. Digestive system is the most common malignant tumor in China, esophageal and liver cancer incidence and mortality of malignant tumors in both the top five, so digestive micrometastases of malignant tumors is very important significance.

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