Stage of lung cancer drug

By | April 29, 2012

Stage of lung cancer drugs, lung cancer than chest CT examination necessary to do the chest or MRI, but also for brain CT or brain MRI, bone scintigraphy, abdominal ultrasound (liver supraclavicular lymph node area, the membrane retroperitoneal lymph nodes, kidney and adrenal, pelvic examination when necessary), check should also be related to lung cancer tumor markers, liver and kidney functions and blood picture, electrocardiogram, or bounce echocardiography (if necessary).
Stage of lung cancer treatment, small cell lung cancer should also note that there are dollars thyroid, testis, ovary, etc. of the transfer. Staging of small cell lung cancer bone metastasis was detected in check 19% _38%, 14% of brain metastases snow transport, liver 17% "34%, 17% bone marrow involvement, 23% and so on. Although foreign non-small cell that symptomatic brain cancer, bone metastasis to be done when the brain CT (or MRD and bone scan, but we think that even though more expensive, but the symptoms of micrometastases per treatment and prognosis better than those who have symptoms, so it is conditions should be checked as early as possible.
Lung cancer patients to achieve early detection and early treatment, the tumor radically curb the spread of toxic effects of drugs through the lung, the lung cancer gradually reduced until it disappears.
Stage of lung cancer treatment, save in exceptional circumstances after the diagnosis of lung cancer (as superior vena cava syndrome, hand-obvious symptoms of brain metastasis and load-bearing parts such as cones, pelvic bone or lower extremities first transfer.) Should be phased inspection, to make occult lesions may be detected to determine the stage of disease before choosing the right treatment, because: lung disease for the United States, more than two-thirds of the time of diagnosis with advanced disease (distant metastases in locally advanced B), even before stage as resectable I, H or side dish A change, especially those of local obvious clinical E, III, or had an adverse outcome of disease indications, such as significant weight loss, should be fully phased inspection. Deposited by the sub-element examination of symptoms often can be found in distant metastasis. Such as bone, brain metastasis. Therefore, before the transfer, through the effective role of a number of lung cancer drugs suppress tumor cell growth.

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