Drug treatment of liver cancer

By | April 29, 2012

Treatment of liver cancer drugs, traditional Chinese medicine for the vast majority of the oral preparations of various stages of liver cancer patients (complete obstruction of the digestive tract or paralysis occurs when the ball does not apply, could be replaced by enema).
1. Decoction of the traditional oral medicine: This is the best individualized treatment, if in continuous use throughout the treatment of liver cancer, received the best possible results.
2. Traditional Chinese medicine oral preparation: for each of the various stages of liver cancer patients. Evil drugs generally law-based, with the righting-based soups, can make up for the evil law of some toxic drugs into the decoction of the lack of good.
3. Chinese herb preparations for the treatment of liver cancer pleural effusion and pain.
4. Chinese Hong suppositories for pain relief, anti-inflammatory, local tumor treatment.
5. TCM cava preparations for the various stages of liver cancer in all patients, divided from the role of the evil law righting and two agents.
6. Interventional treatment of Chinese medicine formulations suitable for intravenous infusion in patients with locally advanced hepatocellular carcinoma intervention.
7. Adjuvant treatment of other traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, diet, music therapy, medicine bath, psychological) for each of the various stages of liver cancer patients. Liver slices and liver Lok ventral abdominal capsules through the spleen qi, blood Ruanjian, Qingrejiedu. To apply to the main card spleen liver stasis primary liver cancer, Zheng Jian abdominal mass, flank pain, Shenpi fatigue, eat less poor appetite, abdominal distention, upset, irritability, mouth and throat pain, etc. . For the syndrome in patients with liver cirrhosis and liver fibrosis serum markers to improve the role.
Drug treatment of liver cancer, liver complex capsules prominent pharmacological effects:
(1) anti-tumor effects: directly kill tumor cells, the liver is a complex capsules cancer cells by blocking DNA synthesis, physical type of liver cancer cells significantly in vitro.
(2) immune regulation: in vivo liver Lok Fu natural killer cells (NK), interferon (IFN), lymphokines (IL-2), macrophages (Mf), activated lymphocytes (LAK) Dengjun significant role in promoting. Play host immune function by activating anti-tumor effect.
(3) Liver function: Liver Fu Le on paracetamol-induced liver injury is a significant protective effect on carbon tetrachloride liver injury significantly decreased SGPT role.

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