Rebirth of anti-tumor effect of tablet

By | October 17, 2011

Fusheng Tablets for the pure Chinese medicine, which acuminata fruit is Fangzhong Jun drugs, the active ingredients in Camptotheca acuminata fruit by clinical trials of camptothecin, CPT confirmed on liver, stomach, colorectal and bladder cancer, leukemia, etc. a recent effect, hydroxycamptothecin (HCPT) of the bitter taste of cool, with insecticide, Qingrejiedu Sanjie effect.
Anti-tumor effect of resuscitation Tablet: Tablet attending resuscitation gastric cancer, colon cancer , bladder cancer, chronic myeloid leukemia from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, such as topical can cure psoriasis. From 1966 after the United States wal1 HCPT isolated for decades by anti-tumor effects of its oncology experts at home and abroad a wide range of attention. In recent years, it found specific role in T0PO-I and more attention. Currently, the research abroad has become a hot spot camptothecin, has been synthesized with the United States Topotecin ,9-AC, one of Japan's 11 other CPT, HCPT-made for the natural extract from Camptotheca acuminata, their treatment intensity higher than the synthetic products , has been widely used in the treatment of malignant tumors.
Anti-tumor effect of resuscitation Tablets: Fu-Kang in Curcuma experiments show that on mouse S180 sarcoma, rat liver entity (HAS), S180 solid tumors and liver cancer (H22) has a significant role in solid tumors. Inhibition rates were 38.3%, 44.6% and 25%; in vitro experiments show that Curcuma curcumol and double-ketone on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells significantly damaging. For most malignant tumors clinically. Elemene Curcuma oil is the main ingredient, is a non-cytotoxic anticancer drugs.
Research has proven that anti-tumor effect of resuscitation tablet can inhibit tumor cell growth, interfere with growth and metabolism of tumor cells to induce tumor cell death, immune enhancement, can ease cancer pain, we will change it to oral solid tablet, selective treatment of patients can be expanded.

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