How to treat depression in cancer patients

By | October 17, 2011

Depression is a disease caused by biochemical changes in the brain.How to treat cancer patients with depression? Some cancer patients will appear in the middle and late psychological depression and low self-esteem, but the performance of each different light were quiet, inhibited, self-esteem, lack of interest on the surrounding environment, ashamed to see people, especially acquaintance. The heavier the performance of continuing tension, attention and memory loss, insomnia, and even suicidal tendencies.
How to treat cancer patients with depression? Cancer as a negative stimulus to the patient's emotional and physical reaction has great influence on the patient will fall into depression lasting pain, unwilling to cooperate with the treatment of disease, lack of confidence to overcome the disease or have a pessimistic prognosis ideas. Depression to long-term survival of patients decreased by 20%.
How to treat cancer patients with depression? The data indicate that nearly half of cancer patients with depressive mood. Depression will seriously affect the patient's appetite and sleep, resulting in decreased immune function, increase existing pain. To improve the comprehensive treatment of cancer patients, improve patient quality of life, so that these patients restoration of social function (work, study and life), reduce or eliminate the symptoms and signs, to prevent the tragedy of suicide appeared to have attention and treatment of depression.

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