Nutrition in patients with cancer radiotherapy

By | October 17, 2011

Radiation therapy is a regional treatment, usually by dozens of fractionated irradiation to treat, the three should not, be tolerated.Nutrition in patients with cancer radiotherapy, during radiotherapy, many patients can work as usual housework plus recreational activities, some patients will need more rest, activity should be reduced. Buy the best in the general flying and they want to adhere to normal activities.
Cancer patients receiving radiotherapy nutrition, body radiotherapy patients spend implant, the result of the implant containing radioactive substances would-ray transmission – work outside, so the hospital will take special protective measures, once removed no longer pose to others on twenty-two Wei Secretary for a long time of implant or particles prior to discharge, the body has been greatly reduced radiation, according to two or three body strength will guide the doctors. Therefore, the patient avoid unnecessary because the radiation with others close.
Radiotherapy patients to consume a lot of energy, often giving the impression that fatigue and loss of appetite, cancer patients receiving radiotherapy nutrition, and therefore the amount; sufficient time to rest, diet without too many restrictions, in principle, to digest the high-distortion three high absorption of vitamin , high-calorie diet based, such as milk, yogurt, eggs, honey, fruit.
Meet the patient's tissue regeneration, healing repair needs.Cancer patients receiving radiotherapy nutrition, but also pay attention to eat more nourishing light, fluid food, the average patient multi-Xin chestnut, water chestnut, pear, lotus root, lotus seeds, melon, green beans, mushrooms, white fungus and other food, eat with a spicy, oil fried, salty, pungent tobacco and other food, do not eat moldy rotten food. Diet not only helps to enhance the body resistance, but also improve large effect.

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