The type of cancer gene therapy

By | October 18, 2011

Common types of mechanisms for tumor gene therapy are the following: protection of normal cells while killing cancer cells
Type of cancer gene therapy (1) virus-mediated enzyme prodrug therapy (VDEPT) VDEPT the principle is; to the synthesis of viral genes encoding enzymes in cells depends on a protein induced cells, the expression of the enzyme make non-toxic prodrug into a toxic drug, thus killing the tumor cells.
Type of cancer gene therapy (2) normal cells the transfer of resistance genes into normal cells to single or multi-phase cytotoxic drug resistance genes, making the normal cells can tolerate high doses of chemotherapy drugs, then increase dose chemotherapy, which the residual tumor cell killing and removal. This will not damage normal cells under the premise of high-dose chemotherapy to remove residual tumor cells.
Type of cancer gene therapy (3) to the transfer of anti-tumor gene transfer of tumor cells immediately some toxins (such as toxins from the throat or TNF-a) gene expression and make it, you can purposefully killing tumor cells.
Type of cancer gene therapy (4) to cells of hematopoietic stimulating factor gene transfer of hematopoietic colony stimulating factors, including barbed write II1 (-CSF), erythropoietin, IL and indeterminacy from the stem cell factor. It is the bone marrow of cancer patients to enhance the ability to tolerate chemotherapy.

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