New breast cancer drugs

By | April 28, 2012

New breast cancer drug, according to the International Classification of common law where women drug products can be divided into the following categories: Women antineoplastic agents (such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, etc.); female sexual dysfunction drugs; menopause comprehensive sign drugs; gynecological anti-infective; reproductive function-related disease treatment drug; urinary system drugs and anti-osteoporosis drugs. In the women-related medicines to the fastest growing sales category.
The use of natural anti-cancer drugs can reduce the resistance of tumor cells, saving the cost of medicines.
The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that over the past decade, the tumor disease has become second only to cardiovascular disease in humans, "the second leading killer." To the 20th century, more than 4000 million cancer patients worldwide of the public. In 2006, the global cancer incidence and mortality than in the early 20th century, 90 up 25%, is expected over the next 15 years will rise to 50%.
In recent years, rapid growth of the incidence of breast cancer. In Western countries, breast cancer has become the number one cause of death in women. In China in recent years, breast cancer is rising in incidence. According to latest reports the health sector, China's Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, Harbin, Wuhan and other large cities, the breast cancer incidence rate has become the first or second female neoplastic diseases, and in the vast rural areas, breast cancer tumor disease is still ranked 9th. In recent years, new cancer patients each year in China about 160 million to 180 million, the total number of cancer patients is about 450 million to 600 million people.
Breast cancer is a "beautiful killer." Because it not only destroyed the most beautiful women, but also the most proud of "secondary sexual characteristics," the main thing is, after post-mastectomy women, whether physical or psychological are hard hit, many women often lost their confidence in life. In the 20th century, 90 years ago, mastectomy has been the standard of the medical profession around the world of breast cancer therapy, tamoxifen, and until such new anti-breast cancer drug Taxol the continuous advent of breast cancer treatment since preservation of the breast that can only endocrine therapy.
It is noteworthy that natural drugs in the treatment of breast cancer played an increasing role. Paclitaxel is one example.
In the early 90s of last century, prior to paclitaxel is not yet available, advanced breast cancer can only be fate. Paclitaxel and its semi-synthetic derivative docetaxel come out, completely changed the treatment of advanced breast cancer. In the 90's, about hundreds of millions of breast cancer patients using paclitaxel injection, at least 38% to 42% of the patients survived more than 5 years of extended, some patients and more than 10 years. Taxol was once called the gospel of breast cancer patients.
Taxol's success has inspired the development of natural medicine researchers confidence in anti-cancer drugs, after listing abroad and have developed a series of plant-based anti-cancer drugs, including: camptothecin class hydroxycamptothecin, topotecan and irinotecan and so on. These drugs are clinically equally showed good effect against advanced breast cancer. Taxol and camptothecin, following the natural anti-cancer drugs, the foreign market has also developed derivatives of vinblastine vinorelbine medicines and chemical structure similar to taxanes (taxanes) in the new plant anticancer drug epothilones. These drugs in animals have shown strong anti-cancer effect.
Although the market has all kinds of chemical anti-cancer drugs, but no doubt that the current is not very high cure rate of malignant tumors, and prolonged use of chemotherapy drugs can cause cancer increased tolerance to the drug, so treatment effect is reduced, the patient side effects increase and the rise in medical costs. The use of natural anti-cancer drugs can reduce the resistance of tumor cells, saving the cost of medicines. According to foreign reports, the next 5 years, the world's breast cancer drug market will reach 60 million, so the market prospect is very broad.
Breast cancer new drugs, China has the world's most abundant natural herbal resources, medicinal plants are about more than 20,000 kinds. And exciting, the domestic pharmaceutical researchers has developed dozens of natural compounds with anticancer effects, including: Oridonin, triptolide, KLT, elemene, matrine, Su-Rg3 Ginseng and more. Can be expected in the near future, made of natural anti-cancer drugs bound to shine in the international pharmaceutical market.

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